artegic introduces dynamic email, which automatically adapts to mobile displays

Ger­man tech­no­lo­gy and con­sul­ting pro­vi­der of online CRM, artegic AG, pre­miers dyna­mic emails, which adapt auto­ma­ti­cal­ly in real-time, depen­ding on whe­ther they are ope­ned on a PC or mobi­le ter­mi­nal device. The aim is to opti­mi­se the dis­play on Smart­pho­nes, wit­hout zoo­m­ing and hori­zon­tal scrol­ling, by pro­vi­ding lar­ge touch screen com­pa­ti­ble respon­se ele­ments”.

Mobi­le email has final­ly reached every-day life. Appro­xi­mate­ly 70.9 % of Ger­mans with a sui­ta­ble mobi­le ter­mi­nal device use this for mobi­le email access. Howe­ver, gra­phi­cal­ly desi­gned emails often used in mar­ke­ting or news­let­ters tend to suf­fer on small dis­plays.

artegic’s email mar­ke­ting experts now pre­sent the solu­ti­on. With our new tech­no­lo­gy, emails can now dyna­mi­cal­ly be adap­ted to spe­ci­fic ter­mi­nal device requi­re­ments.

And what’s uni­que: the des­patched email auto­ma­ti­cal­ly adap­ts to an ade­qua­te dis­play on a Smart­pho­ne, Tablet or PC. On Smart­pho­nes, the email will be redu­ced to the mini­mal dis­play width while the con­tent is adap­ted, accord­in­gly. Respon­se ele­ments, such as but­tons will be chan­ged to a shape and size adap­ted to touch screen ope­ra­ti­on. On PCs, howe­ver, the email will be dis­play­ed com­ple­te­ly and wit­hout the par­ti­cu­la­ri­ties of the mobi­le device.

The auto­ma­tic adap­tati­on hap­pens in real-time, i.e. the same email is dyna­mi­cal­ly chan­ged depen­ding on whe­ther it is read on a Smart­pho­ne, Tablet or PC. For the first time, dual usa­ge of emails on mobi­le and sta­tio­na­ry cli­ents can spe­ci­fi­cal­ly be mana­ged.

Respon­se ele­ments, con­tent and links accord­ing to ter­mi­nal device Through the exact iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the access device ele­ments and links can be spe­ci­fi­cal­ly assi­gned, e. g. in order to pro­vi­de an App link to an iPho­ne user or a link to a touch screen com­pa­ti­ble shop site to a Tablet user.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, the ter­mi­nal device types used can be saved for the email reci­pi­ent in order to iden­ti­fy the pre­fer­red access modes or for sta­tis­ti­cal ana­ly­sis of all respon­se per­for­mance figu­res, such as clicks, ope­nings and con­ver­si­ons, for each ter­mi­nal device type.

Mobile email is progressing rapidly.

Email is now the most used app­li­ca­ti­on in mobi­le inter­net. Appro­xi­mate­ly 70.9 % of peop­le inter­view­ed in artegic’s cur­rent “Mobi­le Email Mar­ke­ting 2012” stu­dy use their mobi­le ter­mi­nal device to access their emails. Due to the rapid spread of Smart­pho­nes and Tablets, only 9.8 % still do not own a mobi­le ter­mi­nal device, which allows email access.

The usa­ge pat­tern of mobi­le emails is very inten­si­ve. 77.6 % of respondents access their email at least once per day when on the go. 53.5 % even sta­te that they access their email more than 4 times per day from a mobi­le device – 24 % read their emails as soon as they arri­ve.

Howe­ver, the use of emails on Smart­pho­nes or mobi­le pho­nes still suf­fers from limi­ta­ti­ons. Espe­ci­al­ly, gra­phi­cal­ly desi­gned emails, which can often be found in mar­ke­ting or news­let­ters, may not be dis­play­ed cor­rec­t­ly or are dif­fi­cult to read and ope­ra­te due to the small dis­play screen and touch screen ope­ra­ti­on.

About a third of inter­viewees (31.6 %) of the “Mobi­le Email Mar­ke­ting 2012” stu­dy com­p­lai­ned about ina­de­qua­te dis­play. Too much scrol­ling is the big­gest issue for 1 in 2 (48.4 %) mobi­le email users. A pro­blem, email mar­ke­ters have to face. Depen­ding on the tar­get group, appro­xi­mate­ly, 15-20 % of email access now hap­pens on mobi­le devices.

“Mobi­le email and the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with mobi­le tar­get groups are the cur­rent chal­len­ge in mar­ke­ting. With the dyna­mic mobi­le email, we get rid of one of the cur­rent obsta­cles”, says Ste­fan von Lie­ven, CEO of artegic AG.

About artegic AG:

artegic AG sup­ports com­pa­nies in the con­struc­tion of loy­al and pro­fi­ta­ble B2B and B2C custo­mer rela­ti­ons via online chan­nels. Our ser­vice port­fo­lio inclu­des stra­te­gic con­sul­ting, tech­no­lo­gy and busi­ness ser­vices for online CRM and dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting via email, RSS, mobi­le and soci­al media.

With its online CRM tech­no­lo­gy ELAI­NE FIVE, artegic offers a uni­que high-per­for­mance solu­ti­on for the com­pre­hen­si­ve rea­li­sa­ti­on of cam­pai­gns, as well as mar­ke­ting auto­ma­ti­on based on self-shar­pe­ning ana­ly­ti­cal custo­mer pro­files.

Inter­na­tio­nal­ly, each month appro­xi­mate­ly 1.4 bil­li­on emails, SMS and soci­al media messa­ges are sent via ELAI­NE FIVE tech­no­lo­gy. As an asso­cia­ted com­pa­ny of the Fraun­ho­fer Gesell­schaft, artegic draws on the know-how of the lat­ter, as well as the exper­ti­se from long-stan­ding best prac­tice with renow­ned cli­ents, such as RTL, A.T.U.,,, Sie­mens Medi­cal and the Ger­man Federal Minis­tries of Finan­ce and Jus­ti­ce