artegic Study: Retail can’t do without mobile – email marketing continues to be the front runner

Online shop­ping via mobi­le ter­mi­nal devices will be the norm in the medi­um term, accord­ing to 60.1 % of Ger­man retail com­pa­nies ques­tio­ned in artegic’s cur­rent stu­dy “Online Dia­lo­gue Mar­ke­ting in Retail 2016”. More than half of the com­pa­nies belie­ve that the tur­no­vers from m-com­mer­ce and e-com­mer­ce will equa­li­se. Front run­ner among the online chan­nels con­ti­nues to be email mar­ke­ting, cur­r­ent­ly used by 70.2 % of retail com­pa­nies and soon by 83.1 %. The Online Dia­lo­gue Mar­ke­ting in Retail 2016 stu­dy deals with the cur­rent use and future deve­lop­ments in online dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting for retail, as well as the eva­lua­ti­on of trend topics, such as mobi­le and Big Data.

Over a third (34.8 %) of Ger­man retail com­pa­nies – B2C as well as B2B in our sur­vey – alrea­dy use mobi­le mar­ke­ting, ano­t­her third (32 %) is plan­ning its use.  This comes to no sur­pri­se, as 68 % of com­pa­nies ques­tio­ned attri­bu­te gro­wing signi­fi­can­ce to mobi­le mar­ke­ting over the next two years. Mobi­le is a clear mul­tich­an­nel tool. 69.8 % of retail com­pa­nies view mobi­le mar­ke­ting important for e-com­mer­ce, 57.8 % for sta­tio­na­ry tra­de. Among com­pa­nies, which alrea­dy use mobi­le mar­ke­ting, this is even 84.5 % and 77.7 %, respec­tively. 70.9 % belie­ve that com­pa­nies wit­hout a mobi­le shop will be noti­ced less by buy­ers in the medi­um term. Mobi­le will the­re­fo­re beco­me a real chal­len­ge for retail busi­nes­ses. The most used mobi­le tool (apart from mobi­le web­sites) is cur­r­ent­ly mobi­le email mar­ke­ting, which is employ­ed by 68 % of mobi­le mar­ke­ting users. This is fol­lo­wed by QR codes (62.9 %) and mobi­le apps (57.7%). Sur­pri­sin­gly, at the rear is mobi­le adver­ti­sing with only 18.6 % use.

Email Marketing Remains the Most Important Tool

Email mar­ke­ting is used by 70.2 % of retail com­pa­nies, which makes it the most important online mar­ke­ting tool, fol­lo­wed by SEO (56.1 %) and face­book (51.7 %). Inte­res­ting fact: Goog­le+ (29.8 %) has over­ta­ken Twit­ter (24.5 %). The impor­t­an­ce of email mar­ke­ting is expec­ted to con­ti­nue. 63.3 % of com­pa­nies see an increa­se in the impor­t­an­ce of email mar­ke­ting for retail over the next two years, 61.1 % even want to increa­se their bud­gets. The degree of matu­ri­ty of email mar­ke­ting use is also increa­sing con­ti­nuous­ly. Cur­r­ent­ly, tran­sac­tion emails (81.5 % of email mar­ke­ting users) and seg­men­ted mass emails (67.7 %) are still the most com­mon­ly used email mar­ke­ting tools, howe­ver, other more modern mea­su­res are stron­gly on the increa­se. 50.3 % are plan­ning the use of mobi­le opti­mi­sed emails, 48.7 % the use of emails, which inclu­de exten­ded data from the user beha­viour and custo­mer lifecy­cle, and 46.6 % the use of com­ple­te­ly indi­vi­dua­li­sed emails..

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The aim of this stu­dy is to ascer­tain the cur­rent use and level of deve­lop­ment (degree of matu­ri­ty) of online dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting tools and other online mar­ke­ting tools in retail com­pa­nies, as well as exami­ne the app­raisals of com­pa­ny and mar­ke­ting direc­tors regar­ding the deve­lop­ment in the next few years. The focus is on the online dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting tools email mar­ke­ting and mobi­le mar­ke­ting, as well as on the asso­cia­ted trend topics, such as Big Data, data use and mar­ke­ting auto­ma­ti­on. In some pla­ces, com­pa­ri­sons are drawn with the stu­dy of the same name from the year 2010, in order to make the deve­lop­ments more com­pre­hen­si­ble.

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