5 Tips to get your Twitter Marketing to the Next Level

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Twitter is an extraordinary marketing tool. Marketers have always found new ways to use it to their advantage over the last years. What’s special about twitter is the real time factor in communicating. You type a tweet within seconds and send it out into the world. That isn’t the case with Instagram or Facebook where the right orchestration of a post is fundamental. Twitter is a channel for spontaneous, short, and sometimes even “imperfect” posts such as reactions to other tweets for example. In this article we give you five easy tips on how to improve your twitter marketing.

You need eye-catchers

Twitter is different: a brief statement out of the “secret meeting” to tease fans about a new product and just like that, they feel appreciated and in on your secret. But of course twitter has long taken the “visual storytelling” train as well. Meaning you can include images and even video content into your tweets. That way the network with the tiny bird in its logo has become one of the leading brand building platforms in social media. Brands, businesses, and influencers can make direct contact with customers and fans and so they can earn their loyalty easier because the customer feels closer. What’s important, nevertheless, is that you need a unique strategy and fresh ideas on end to stand out from the crowd.

5 useful tips for your twitter strategy

We put together some helpful tips to optimize your twitter marketing or to get it started in the first place:

  • Use what you have: The reutilization of already posted content is one of the simplest ways to increase your reach with next to no effort. On twitter it is especially easy: Just click the retweet button and the text is back up at the top of your feed. Comment it or not: You decide. So every time an infographic, a blogpost, or a study seems relevant again, maybe because a debate has just been inflamed about it, you put yourself back in the game with one click.
  • A tidy house, a tidy mind: Make sure you are organized and structured from the start. For that you can use tools such as Hootsuite or social captain. With their help you can post (automated and time-controlled) tweets on your account as well as monitor accounts and hashtags that seem interesting for you. This way you can react in no time when new trends pop up. But even if you manage your account by hand you should make a plan. Like mentioned before, twitter is good use for spontaneous communication but a certain kind of continuity is important though, to build a loyal and active fan base.
  • How you say things: There’s a different tonality on twitter than on other social networks. Formal language isn’t your go-to here, even in B2B. You want to connect closely to your fan base on twitter and build a personal relationship with your customers, partners, and other followers. A casual tone is appropriate. Sometimes a tweet can even be humorous or contain irony, if possible on your own account. That seems sympathetic and attracts peoples’ attention. Also funny facts or incidents from daily work life are a welcome treat for followers. Humor is an attribute you really can still stand out with.


  • Show motion pictures: Photographs and graphics are necessary and basic features in your tweets. Go one step further and integrate video content. That way you raise awareness of your followers and you can share so much content in one post. Quality is but important for this. Amateur videos aren’t a thing that twitter users take well to, unless it is a meme gone viral. Also keep in mind that most users will watch the video on mobile devices. Focus on optimizing your format for mobile devices.
  • Segment your own feed: Keep an eye on the latest trends as well as trending hashtags and interesting accounts that match your niche, industry, or general topic. For this you can use twitter lists. You can put your own lists together or subscribe to those created by other users. Every list has its own feed that you can screen, with tweets from only those selected accounts. This is time effective because you don’t need to scroll your whole feed. You can even put all your competitors in one list or accounts that give you inspiration etc.

If you apply those 5 tips, you will see that your twitter marketing will be more easy-going and you should see the effects after a little while.  The most important things are to keep it up and going, identify coming trends and produce unique high quality content.

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