Special birthday emails via marketing automation

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Birthday mails are classics. Vouchers and congratulations for anniversary are a proven element that has become a standard in communication between customer and company. Whether by postal or electronic way, many companies make use of the birthday greeting to bind the customer. Accordingly, the customer’s attention is low, even more on his birthday. With the right use of marketing automation, you can recover and refresh this attention.

Everyone likes to get congratulations – the time is decisive

In the example, the customer therefore receives a voucher one week before his birthday so that he can make himself a birthday present. Just in time for his birthday he receives a congratulations with the possibility to give coupons to his friends as well. Let the birthday child attract new customers for you! If the customer does not redeem his coupon, he will be reminded by email one and two weeks later

Birthday Campaign Example

Tips and Tricks

This is a really simple use case. The minimum required data is the date of birth and, if necessary, the information of whether the coupon has been redeemed.

Tip: A birthday greeting does not only work for the customers birthday. Congratulations on the anniversary of the product are also a good idea! artegic customer BMW CS (Central and Southern Europe) sends a “Car Handover Anniversary Mail” one year after a car was purchased.

BMW CS Car Handover Anniversary Mail

More marketing automation use cases

Birthday emails are a pretty simple marketing automation use case. Find more use cases in our Whitepaper: 16 Use Cases for Marketing Automation.

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16 Use Cases for Marketing Automation

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