Attention for Birthday E-Mails via Marketing Automation

Published on 16 January 2017 | Author Stefan von Lieven


Birthday E-Mails are classics. Vouchers and congratulations for anniversary are a proven element that has become a standard in communication between customer and company. Whether by postal or electronic way, many companies make use of the birthday greeting to bind the customer. Accordingly, the recipient’s attention is low, even more on his birthday. With the right use of marketing automation, this attention can be recovered and refreshed.

Everyone likes to get congratulations – the time is decisive

For clarification, a small example. The customer receives a voucher a week before his birthday, to make himself a birthday present. At this time there is much more attention and the anticipation of the customer on his day is increased. Just in time for his birthday a week later, he gets congratulations with the possibility to give coupons also to his friends. Let the birthday boy/girl do the lead nurturing for you. If the customer does not redeem his voucher, he will be reminded by email not only one week but also two weeks later.

An implementation example for Birthday E-Mails via marketing automation

Birtday E-Mails via MMarketing Automation

Example for Birthday E-Mails via Marketing Automation

Tips and Tricks

The complexity of the mailing route is simple. The minimum required data is the date of birth and, if necessary, the information of whether the coupon has been redeemed.
Tip: A birthday greeting does not only work for the recipient’s birthday. Congratulations on the anniversary of the product are also a good idea! “Your Bluray Player is 1 year old – give it a few exciting blurays from our wide range as a present.”

14 Templates for Marketing Automation

Optimizing and automating birthday maillings is just one of the many possibilities for marketing automation. You can find further 13 in our blog.


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