We are sure that you have a lot to tell your customers. So many attractive offers, exciting content, irresistible discount promotions, etc. are waiting to be presented to the customer. Why not use your marketing automation campaigns for that?

Because marketing automation thrives on context. The communicated content must always fit the current context of the customer. Examples:


  • A customer has signed up for your newsletter? Send them a welcome message.
  • A customer has made a purchase? Send them a matching cross-sell.
  • A customer hasn’t bought for a long time? Send them a coupon as motivation.

Avoid communicating content just simply because it’s available. Focus on a single piece of content in every email you send. For anything that doesn’t fit into your marketing automation campaigns, use your newsletter or manually sent standalone campaigns.


This shop focuses on attracting users to the mobile app in the welcome email for new newsletter subscribers



More marketing automation mistakes to avoid


Too much content is just one marketing automation or email marketing mistake you should avoid. Find ten more common mistakes in our checklist: 10 marketing automation mistakes you should avoid.

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