Correctly Determining the Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

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In the article How to Measure Clicks in Email Marketing we have demonstrated how to correctly measure clicks in email marketing. The “ultimate” goal of an email marketing campaign is usually to encourage a user to a conversion after a click on a landing page.

Email marketing can pursue different goals. Mostly, they are about persuading a recipient to carry out a specific action. This can be the purchase of a promoted product in an online shop or the registration to an event. When the recipient carries out the required action, i.e. the email convinced him, we are talking about conversions.

Correctly Measuring Conversions

Conversions are usually measured through an invisible tracking pixel on the confirmation page of the desired action. When this is accessed, the action has been completed successfully and is measured as a conversion.

Conversion Rate = conversions / clicks * 100

Further performance figures can be downloaded for free

The conversion rate is only one important performance figure in email marketing. In our free checklist The 25 Most Important Email Marketing Figures we have compiled all relevant performance figures.

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