Email marketing dispatch errors: do error-free newsletters exist?

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Errors are annoying, to some embarrassing and happen to everyone once in a while, even to the biggest and most successful companies, even in email marketing. Everyone who sends out mailings, has noticed a mistake in his or her newsletter after it has already been sent out. Everyone who receives newsletters, has already wondered or laughed about one or another little fault or has been annoyed by one. At this point, we would like to give you some tips on how you can avoid mistakes in your email marketing campaigns, so you preferably send out only correct newsletters.

Email marketing has all kinds of sources of errors. Be aware of the most common mistakes and you will know what to keep an eye on while setting up a newsletter campaign.

The following errors can astonish your recipients or in worst cases even put them off.

  • Broken or invalid links: The user gets to a page which content is irrelevant and which doesn’t correspond to what was announced in the email or – even worse – the user is forwarded to a 404-page.
  • False image URL: Emails with images do look nice. Unfortunately, images aren’t displayed if the image URL is incorrect.
  • Spelling or grammar mistakes: These mistakes can damage your image because users might think you don’t make an effort for them. Especially the subject line must not contain any mistakes. Read our tips on how to optimize subject lines.
  • Wrong image dimension: Images are too big or skewed. The display is therefore simply faulty and bad.
  • Wrong HTML- or character encoding: Your email might be difficult to read.
  • Missing support of particular items in common email clients: If, for example, moving image content is not reproduced correctly, your email doesn’t have the effect you wanted it to have.
  • None or faulty optimization for mobile devices: If your newsletter only looks good on a desktop screen, you possibly exclude a large part of your target group.
  • No fulfilment of the minimum legal requirements: If the unsubscribe link doesn’t work, if the imprint is missing etc., it is not only annoying the user, the mailing also doesn’t meet the legal needs.
  • Dynamic content is broken: „Hello %%first_name%%“? No, this isn’t how personalization and dynamic content works.
  • The voice assistant can’t read out your email correctly: More and more people let Alexa, Siri & Co. read out their emails to them. Take account of the voice assistant software when setting up new mailing campaigns. Read how that works in our blog post “When voice assistant software reads your mails to you”.

These errors might stop you from reaching your newsletter marketing goals:

  • Wrong sender: Your email isn’t perceived as coming from you, maybe the receipients thanks someone else for the interesting content. Or they don’t open it because the sender isn’t familiar.
  • No tracked links: If you forget trackingparameters, you won’t be able to retrace if and how often your link has been clicked. This disturbs your internal evaluation and optimization.
  • Wrong dispatch time: To get your email apprehended, the moment when your email gets to the inbox is significant. At what time is the inbox usually tidied up? When do users usually read their mails? The risk of your email to be overlooked is lower when you send it out on the right time.
  • Missing email elements: If, for instance, pre-header, SWYN- or CTA-buttons are missing, your users might not be able to respond to your mailing as you hoped they would.
  • Wrong sender or target group: Your message doesn’t get to the correct recipients and will be ineffective.
  • False assignment to campaign: Pay attention to the assignment, if this is relevant for your evaluation (for example in order to compare several newsletter editions).

Full quality assurance = less email marketing mistakes

You won’t get around a full and thorough quality assurance for each single dispatch. This is the only way to avoid errors. Develop a checklist which contains (at least) the above-mentioned sources of errors and go through this list for each mailing. It has become evident, that companies which spend time on intensive testing before dispatching a newsletter, achieve a 26% higher ROI (source: Litmus).

Four eyes see more than two: the four-eyes principle for checking email marketing has proven its worth. Consider approval processes. Professional email marketing software like ELAINE® enables you to link the dispatch of an email to an approval process, so that no email is sent out without the necessary approval. Furthermore modern email marketing solutions like ELAINE® support you and your marketing team with a series of quality assurance measures. For example with an automated verification of link- and image functionality, link-tracking and spam-check. The right email marketing software can even check how your email is displayed in common email clients and on mobile devices.

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