There are many ways to generate opt-ins for your email marketing through your own channels. We show you how to win additional opt-ins via partnered newsletters & standalones, co-registration and co-sponsoring.


1. Partnered newsletters & standalones

Ads in a wide variety of formats can also be booked in thematically matching newsletters from other companies. Some companies also offer monothematic standalones.

The advantage of booking media in third-party newsletters or standalones is that the target group addressed uses newsletters in any case.


Outdoorworld promotes its newsletter as a standalone on a partner companies website..


2. Co-registration

With co-registration, your own newsletter registration is integrated into the registration process, newsletter registration or other, of another company.

An additional checkbox with a short description text about the own newsletter is recommended.


Several newsletters from other company are integrated within this registration process,


3. Co-sponsoring

With co-sponsoring, several companies act as sponsors of a raffle. Each participating company receives the opt-in for e-mail marketing.

In general, the quality of the data obtained must be observed in such raffles, as well as but not only data protection legal regulations.


A raffle sponsored by several companies.



107 more tips for address acquisition


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