Glossary: A/B Test


A/B tests or split-run tests are a method to measure the effectiveness of an advertising media, e.g. an email. The original version of the email is tested against an amended version. Procedure: In the A/B test, two test groups are selected from the target group. One test group will receive the original version of the email, the other group will receive the amended version. The different responses will then be measured, e.g. opens in the case of two different subject lines. Insofar as there is a sufficiently large test group size and only one variable was changed, valid conclusions concerning the effectiveness can be derived. For logical reasons, A/B tests are used as pre-tests. Subsequently to the test period, the most effective version of the email will be sent to the remainder of the target group. A/B tests are often employed in email marketing, but they can generally be used for all advertising media.

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