Generating as many opt-ins as possible for successful email marketing campaigns often requires creativity. In our last post we showed how to win opt-ins via partnered newsletters & standalones, co-registration and co-sponsoring. This time we are looking at address acquisition via affiliates, print and out of home.


1. Affiliates

Affiliate marketing, using third party marketing platforms to promote a newsletter registration is a great way to boost your mailing list.

Tip: Measure long-term data quality by affiliate to truly assess performance beyond the number of registrations.


Affiliate Marketing by Coca Cola.


2. Print/TV/posters

In ads for newsletters in print publications, on posters, and especially in TV commercials, the URL leading to the newsletter form should be as short and concise as possible, since it has to be typed out manually.

In TV spots, the URL is also only visible for a few seconds and must therefore be easy to remember.Instead of linking directly to the newsletter, you can also link to content that is relevant for the users on your landing page where you then also promote your email marketing. If you offer other documents for download, give users the opportunity to opt-in to your email marketing during the registration process.

Tip: QR codes are particularly helpful in the print sector.


Internet World links to content in a print publication.


3. Out of home

There are many ways to promote newsletters out of home. Not only posters, but also unusual measures, such as stickers on luggage compartments in airplanes, printed swing cards on subway poles, or bicycle seat covers.


Printed swing cards on subway poles.



107 more tips for address acquisition


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