Identifying and Measuring Email Marketing Recommendations

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The coverage of a mailing in email marketing is not limited to the targeted mailing list. To expand your coverage, you should integrate forward/sharing functions in your mailings. In this way, recipients can recommend either a whole mailing or individual contents to their contacts. To make these recommendations and their success measurable, there are a number of performance figures available.

When a recipient forwards newsletter contents to his contacts, this is a welcome increase of coverage in email marketing. Forwards can either happen via email or social media. For  forwards via email, you should integrate a tell-a-friend or send-to-a-friend function. This function allows the recipient to enter the email address of one or more contacts in a form to recommend contents. To track forwards via email, the forwarding rate is used. This rate puts the forwards/recommendations into a ratio with the opens.

Forward rate = forwards / opens * 100

Social Sharing Via SWYN Button

Recommendations in social media happen via SWYN buttons. SWYN buttons allow the recipient to share content in the social network with one click, e.g. in the form of a tweet or a post on his facebook wall. Recommendations via social media (social sharings) can be calculated with the social sharing rate. Social sharings are put in a ratio with the opens.

Social sharing rate = social sharings / opens * 100

The aim of social sharings is to win new contacts from the recipient’s network. A contact in this case is a click on the link within the shared social media post. To calculate this, the social contact rate is used. The social contact rate puts click on links in shared posts in relation to social sharings.

Social Contact Rate = clicks on links in shared posts / social sharings * 100

Further Performance Figures in the Free Checklist

You can also find these and other performance figures in our checklist “The 25 Most Important Performance Figures in Email Marketing”. The checklist can be downloaded for free at:

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