Marketing Automation also works with few data

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It is possible to optimize digital direct marketing even with few data using marketing automation. In this article, we present some examples on how to implement automated communication which is individualized, context-relevant and adapted to the preferences of the customer, even without large IT and data projects.

Individualization is in demand

The challenge for many companies is to make the change from classic campaign management to individualized, customer-oriented direct marketing. The customer nowadays has no less than best-in-class expectations on companies. Fulfilling these expectations is the only chance to survive nowadays, because changes in purchasing decisions and changes to other suppliers are happening more quickly than ever before. Providing a customer centric experience makes communication 3.5 – 4 times more successful than “classic” campaigns.

90 percent of the marketing experts agree about the fact that a personalized customer experience is a decisive competitive factor. Yet 80 percent of the customers do not feel perceived as an individual. Closing this extreme gap is already possible with very few or no data. Complicated large data projects are not always necessary and should not be an obstacle to meet the needs of the customers.

Practical example: Dialogue marketing only with the date of birth

Congratulations from a company for a birthday is nothing special anymore. Nevertheless, with this single date you can realize exciting variants that generate the user’s attention. For example, it is easy to find out which famous people are born on the same date which gives the mail an entertaining effect.

If you also know the gender, it is useful to send different offers depending on whether female or male, and to put them in different contexts.

Example Mailing for Birthday

Example Mailing for Birthday

Another option is to contact the birthday boy or girl just before the birthday instead at the birthday itself. “Buy yourself a birthday gift,” or “Give something to your friends, 5% for your friends from us” are ideas that do not lose the relationship to the occasion, but use the context quite differently.

Practical example: marketing automation without data

Even without data it is possible to integrate contexts into marketing automation. If, for example, it is an employee’s birthday, this can be an occasion to give the customer something (“treat”). This is much more interesting than the typical coupon codes or discounts and highlights the uniqueness of the company.

Practical example: only the date of the last order

If the date of the last order is known, you can set up a complete lifecycle automation only using this date. The customer has a high attention for the first mailings after the order. Instead of a bare order confirmation from the technical shop backend, a nice layout with a “thank you” and extensive service information is a positive surprise. However, the dialogue with the customer should not end at this point. Inform the customer about typical re-selling periods, ask for recommendations using incentives or spread entertaining content. That builds up a long-term customer relationship. After that, depending on when and what the customer buys, whether he is active in the newsletter or not, you can establish a loyalty metric to determine the right methods to activate the customer for each customer individually.

Context is king

The fact that the context is an important key factor in order to gain the desired attention from the customer has become clear in the last sections. However, not only the content is crucial and context-relevant. The technical adaptation of the content to the respectively used device is also decisive. Different looks and different functions for the desktop PC or the smartphone version improve usability. On the smartphone, for example, shorter information is an advantage and also call to actions that can be clicked to buy something immediately, call someone or ask for more information. On the desktop PC, it is possible to go directly into the details. A customized version is therefore useful; however, the mailing should remain the same from the design and be similar to the layout in order to ensure uniformity and transparency of the campaign.

Example: Desktop Version vs. Smartphone Version

Example: Desktop Version vs. Smartphone Version

More possibilities with Marketing Automation

These were just a few ideas on how to do some effective marketing automation with few data. We have collected a lot of other possibilities in our blog.

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