Do you offer alerts on your website, for example for new content and products or products, that are back in stock? In alerts, an email is send automatically if a change occurs, that is relevant and interesting for registered users. A back-in-stock-alert informs users about a product, that is now available again. In this post, we show you how to use these small but important service notifications to win addresses and opt-ins for your email marketing.


Service notifications

Users can register for service notifications via email, for example appointment reminder or back-in-stock-alerts, instead of a newsletter. You can use these alerts as an access point for more opt-ins. The clearly communicated additional value without a suspected advertisement context is definite benefit.

Opt-ins can be extended later in the dialogue, for example on a newsletter registration.


Service notification: back-in-stock-alert


Content Update Alerts

You keep your content updated? Offer an alert for users, that will inform them about new content via email. This is also a good access point for additional opt-ins.


Content update alert

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