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When Google first announced the tabbed inbox solution, marketers were in horror. If every marketing mail lands in a separated promotion tab no one will have a look at it when they check their mailbox, right? But it turned out that the bundled mail thing isn’t quite as bad as marketers thought it would be. And now that the promotion tab got a major update recently, they can maybe even start to love it.

In case you don’t already know, here are a few details about the Gmail promotion tab:

Google created an algorithm that identifies almost all advertising mails and bundles them into an extra tab. This means that users open their Gmail app or log in to the website and in their primary inbox they only find personal mails. Next to that you have the ‘social’ tab (i.g. mails and notifications from social media) and on the right the ‘promotions’ tab. You can add other tabs of course to sort your mail even more.

What’s new with the update?

The update for the promotions tab brings a few features that make a marketers heart pound. The keyword is: enriched previews. Before, you had the subject line to catch peoples’ attention and sell your point but now there is much more to show in the inbox. As for now, the new features are only available for the Gmail smartphone app but most people check their mails this way nowadays so it is the most effective place to start with. For the future, it’s planned to add the features to the web browser version as well. Here’s what you can do to highlight your mail and enrich your previews:

  • You can add an image to give a first glance at your product and already trigger emotion with this visual content.
  • Another important thing you can do now aims on branding your mails. You can add your logo to the preview so customers can identify promo from your brand quickly.
  • Next up is the deal badge which comes in green so it pops into the reader’s eye. Here you can fire away with what you got. 20% off or free shipping, maybe a ‘buy one get two’ deal? All these specials can be put into the preview now and raise attention to your content.
  • Additional to the green badge there is a grey one next to it. This is to let you push your offer even more at first sight. You can display your discount code here. This way the reader technically can make use of your promo action without even opening the message.
  • Something to boost your reach is also new. You can add an expiration date to your preview. This signalizes urgency and gives the customer a feeling of ‘now or never’.

This last point even gives you the chance to appear twice in your customer’s inbox. The bundled message feature comes in handy here because when the email is sent you get featured in the top bundle because it’s a new offer and it appears a second time shortly before your offer expires.


Does this make sense for you, too?

If you use email marketing, then of course! You want to sell your product, whether it is an actual product, a service or a software etc.. If you send marketing mails, you can as well use the enriched preview function of the Gmail promotion tabs. The only thing to keep in mind is, to know whether your recipients mostly use Gmail or not. If they don’t, it is a little obsolete to make the effort.

So before you commence implanting the annotations to your mails maybe consider analysing your recipient groups first and filter if there’s a great deal of Gmail users you can feed with your new enriched previews.

Enabling the update for your mails

As shortly noted before, you need to annotate your emails before you are able to use the updated features. This means that the HTML of your messages or rather the HTML of your subject line needs to be added an annotation that includes the features you want to use. You can do this on your own but it is also possible to have this done by a professional marketing automation tool.

For example with ELAINE we can implement the HTML annotations for our customers. They can tell us if they have a large group of Gmail recipients and find the update usefull. We then let them decide which features they want to use and implement them. With ELAINE SIX it is also possible to edit the annotations flexible for each campaign.


Hopefully you now see that the once feared reform of Gmail’s promotions tab has with the new update become more of a tool for marketers than a thread. If you make the most of it, you can profit from the enriched previews and give your customers a more colourful and appealing point in their customer journey.


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