Supporting Customers Throughout the Purchase Decision – With a Free Trial

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To persuade a customer to a purchase, it is decisive that he is convinced by the product. The decision is not easy with all products. Especially for chargeable content or software products trials are an effective way to win and convince new users. The user can try the service in a Free Trial and does not have to buy a pig in a poke.

Marketing automation systems support you in converting the user from a tester to a buyer thanks to automated campaigns. The series accompanies the user through the test phase, reminds him of deadlines or explains new features.

An Application Case for Free Trial

Let’s assume you offer a 30 day trial version of your software. When the user registers for the trial, he will first receive a thank you email with an introduction to the software, possibly followed by a welcome series (see example 01 Welcome Series). 7 days after the start of the trial phase, you check whether the user has ever logged in.

If not, he receives a reminder email asking him to test the software or containing a few special notes on the benefits. After 14 days, you check again. When the user has still not logged in, he will receive another reminder which is suggesting urgency since the trial period is running out (“last chance to try”). If he has still not logged in after the trial period, he will receive a message telling him that his account has been deleted and offering him the possibility to register for another trial period or receive a call-back if he is still interested.

If the user has logged in, after one day, he will receive an email with an (incentivised) offer for an upgrade to the chargeable version. If he does not convert, he will receive a thank you email after the trial phase, containing the information that the software is no longer free and the opportunity to still receive the upgrade. Alternatively, the contact will be transferred to the sales team. The customer has the option to thoroughly test the software and determine whether or not it is right for him. Offers like this increase the chance to gain active users and buyers.

E-Mail Example for free Trial

“Start your Free Trial Now” – Example in E-Mail

Tips and Tricks

Creating the automation series is relatively simple. The only essential data for the creation are the registration date and the login date.

Tip: Marketing automation can also be used to create a training course which regularly teaches the user new features to keep the product interesting. In order not to annoy the user with unusable information, you can use tracking in the corresponding application to check what the user already knows and what he doesn’t.


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