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Tips For E-Mail Marketing In B2B – Use Servive Processes As Trigger

Veröffentlicht am 26 September 2018 | von Maximilian Hermann


E-mail marketing is a classic in digital dialogue marketing for B2B companies, whether they are suppliers, engineering specialists, or wholesalers. Effective, with the highest return on investment of all digital marketing channels, and above all: efficient. E-mail marketing is an indispensable component in the digital marketing mix of B2B companies. In this blog post series we present 13 tips for email marketing in B2B.

The Customer Lifecycle offers a variety of communication opportunities. In addition to “classic” marketing events, B2B also offers service processes to convince with high-quality communication. This includes, for example, order and shipping confirmations in B2B commerce, the sending of information material, satisfaction surveys for services, reminders of appointments, the arrangement of maintenance appointments, reactions to support requests, etc. Such service touchpoints enjoy a high level of user attention. Many of these service mails regularly reach opening rates of over 70 percent. A benchmark that can hardly be reached with a classic newsletter.

Attract the same attention to your service mails as to your marketing mails. Many companies send only insufficiently designed text mails with minimal information, which are often not very user-friendly. They use systems with different functions such as ERP instead of professional marketing automation technology. Design service emails with the same effort as marketing emails, enrich them with useful additional information and pay attention to usability.

The integration of email marketing into the service processes also creates promising opportunities to point out other sources of information such as newsletters or cross- and upsells.


In our checklist “13 tips for e-mail marketing in B2B” we have put together tips to help you improve your e-mail marketing activities in both the short and long term. Please fill out the form to receive the free download.

Thumb Checklist: 13 Tips for Email Marketing in B2B
Checklist: 13 Tips for Email Marketing in B2B

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