Tips For E-Mail Marketing In B2B – Promote Events

Published on 5 December 2018 | Author Lisa Marie Lindemann


Events such as webinars, trade fairs, and conferences are important sales and marketing tools in B2B. But those are not self-running. It is important to motivate users skillfully to participate in a certain event and to remind you of the appointment after registration or appointment and to provide them with the most important information. Marketing automation technologies such as ELAINE make it possible to automate the complete e-mail marketing communication for events, from registration confirmation to reminders and follow-up e-mails after the event.

It is important to have all communication referred to a central landing page so that interested parties can access information about your event via the Internet and search engines. On the landing page you could then include a registration form or an option to request an appointment. In the B2B area in particular, however, email offers a great opportunity to contact you. Through your email distribution list, you already have a database that has been fed with customer data and, on the other hand, most email automation applications allow you to select target groups according to customer status or product interests, for example, and thus address the desired audience precisely and efficiently – with a manageable amount of effort for you.


Integrate SWYN buttons into your communications to enable your recipients to share the event on social networks, increasing reach, and raising awareness of your event. In addition, an appointment download in the confirmation email is helpful and a nice way to make the participant’s work easier and to be able to plan in his or her calendar for the long term.


In our checklist “13 tips for e-mail marketing in B2B” we have put together tips to help you improve your e-mail marketing activities in both the short and long term. Please fill out the form to receive the free download.

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