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Tips For E-Mail Marketing In E-Commerce – Interlink Online and Offline

Veröffentlicht am 15 February 2019 | von Lisa Marie Lindemann


E-Commerce is booming. During the last years, the developments in the industry have only known one direction: up! And sales growth continues unabated, so that e-commerce sales in Germany in 2017 had an amount up to 48.7 billion euros, which corresponds to 13.22 percent of total retail sales – also the highest value measured so far. In this blog post series we present 12 tips for email marketing in e-commerce. This time: Interlink online and offline!

Omnichannel, the integration of online and offline channels, is one of the major trends in retail. Several aspects are important to make sure the approach works as effective as possible along the customer journey. Nowadays, customers come into contact with your offers at various touch points, e.g. via e-mail marketing, your online shop, your offline shops or your app.

Make sure that you communicate consistently at all touchpoints. For example, if a customer has bought a TV in your offline store, it doesn’t make sense to make him further offers for TVs in your web shop via email marketing or to offer him the same TV at a lower price via app push shortly after purchase.

Here it is necessary to establish a central single customer view in order to be able to access the same data at each touchpoint in real-time. The offline (purchase) behaviour of your customers must also be taken into account.

Use customer cards that are scanned at the checkout to record and digitally evaluate your customers’ offline purchasing behavior as easily as possible. Location-based services also help to identify a user’s product interests, e.g. by recording the time users spend in certain departments.

Provide a seamless transition between the different touchpoints. Enable the customer to purchase the items offered in the online shop also offline – and vice versa. Offer click&collect so that users can pick up their online ordered goods in the offline store. Additionally, use location based services to notify the users of your online shop that the products placed in the shipping basket
are also available in the offline shop nearest to them. Dynamically adjust email content depending on whether the user is currently at home (link to online shop) or on the move (direction to the nearest point of sale). There are many ways to interlink online and offline.

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