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Tips For E-Mail Marketing In E-Commerce – Segmentation According to Purchasing Behaviour

Veröffentlicht am 13 February 2019 | von Lisa Marie Lindemann


E-Commerce is booming. During the last years, the developments in the industry have only known one direction: up! And sales growth continues unabated, so that e-commerce sales in Germany in 2017 had an amount up to 48.7 billion euros, which corresponds to 13.22 percent of total retail sales – also the highest value measured so far. In this blog post series we present 12 tips for email marketing in e-commerce. This time: Segmentation According to Purchasing Behaviour!

Another way for companies to stand out from the competition and stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive field of email marketing is customersegmentation, which is not quite as precise but less complex and in manycases already sufficient.

In segmentation, customers are grouped according to relevant characteristics and the email marketing measures are adapted to the individual segments. Individual users can be divided into segments according to various characteristics, such as geographical location, age, gender, existing or new customers, interests, time spent on the website, etc. Characteristic combinations (e.g. female, existing customer, from Berlin) are also possible.

Differentiations by region, gender, or even between existing customers and “not-yet-customers” are simple, but – depending on the context – very effective. Often a different design or a different sorting of the contents can make the difference. What is also important (you will remember):
test, test, test. Women don’t always like pink.

If segments and/or the appropriate communication is not obvious, advanced marketing automation solutions or data analytics technologies help to create segments based on (e.g. purchase) data and/or to determine the relevant communication characteristics for (already existing) segments. Here, for example, one result could be that customers in certain residential or age
segments are more price-sensitive than in others and these could be more exposed to communication with special offers.

The right segmentation can thus guarantee a target group-oriented addressing, which increases the benefit for the recipients and leads to better response rates compared to broadcasting communication. The followingcriteria should be observed for segmentation:

  • Classifiability of the user (variables must be applicable on the basis of
    which users are assigned to a segment)
  • Implementability into measures (it must be possible to derive from the
    segment which strategies and measures can be applied to it)
  • Practical and dynamic (it should be easy to use and at best can be

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