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Tips For E-Mail Marketing In E-Commerce – Touchpoints To Generate Newsletter Subscriptions

Veröffentlicht am 8 January 2019 | von Lisa Marie Lindemann


E-Commerce is booming. During the last years, the developments in the industry have only known one direction: up! And sales growth continues unabated, so that e-commerce sales in Germany in 2017 had an amount up to 48.7 billion euros, which corresponds to 13.22 percent of total retail sales – also the highest value measured so far. In this blog post series we present 12 tips for email marketing in e-commerce. This time: Touchpoints to generate Newsletter Subscriptions!

A sufficiently large address list is an important basis for all email marketing activities. For this reason building an address list should be one of your first priorities. Consider where you come into contact with your customers (website, transaction emails, etc.) and use these touchpoints to promote your newsletter. The classic feature is to offer a newsletter subscription after completion of the purchase process as an additional checkbox before the final click on the “Buy” button. Trust and interest are very high here and a new customer can look forward to further shopping ideas.

Place your newsletter offer on the start page of your online shop where it is clearly visible and do not hide it in subcategories such as ‘Service’ or ‘Contact’. Remember: a newsletter subscriber is ‘worth’ more than a shop visitor and the opportunity to make a sale is significantly higher, because with a newsletter you usually have more than just a chance to convince your customers with appealing offers.

Incentives and sweepstakes can also help you to promote your newsletter. These can be the decisive factors to overcome the hurdle of lethargy. Shop and topic-related suggestions such as purchase or discount coupons are better than non-cash profits, on the one hand in order to generate more subscribers without genuine purchase interest and on the other hand to lure profit play services on the side. An alternative is information or offers that are only available by email and offer the incentive of a premium service.

Sales partners who provide their advertising space and are remunerated by commissions, so-called affiliate programes, can also help to generate more subscribers. However, precise controlling is necessary here to determine the actual value of the generated subscribers.

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