E-Commerce is booming. During the last years, the developments in the industry have only known one direction: up! And sales growth continues unabated, so that e-commerce sales in Germany in 2017 had an amount up to 48.7 billion euros, which corresponds to 13.22 percent of total retail sales – also the highest value measured so far. In this blog post series we present 12 tips for email marketing in e-commerce. This time: use unusual occasions!
Birthday mailings? We get a lot of those. Special offers for Valentine’s Day or Halloween? Others also come up with the idea. For example, if you send your customer an offer on Mother’s Day, he may not even notice it due to many other messages he has already received from other companies on the same occasion. Mails like this quickly become inflationary and do not leave a very innovative impression.
Instead, use unusual occasions to communicate with your customers and try something new: there are not only seasonal but also customer-specific occasions. The more unusual the occasion, the better it may work and the more you can stand out from the crowd. How about your customer‘s name day or the anniversary of a product purchase? „Your smartphone is one year old today! Are you still satisfied? How about some new accessories or a new case in a different design?“
But make sure that the content is interesting and entertaining, and that you don’t just communicate pure product offers.
These are quickly perceived as annoying advertising without major added value by the recipient. An example of appropriate added value could be current trends and developments that are related to your products and are also interesting for the user, e.g. the latest fashion trends in the fashion sector.

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12 Tips for Email Marketing in E-Commerce
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