In B2B, content marketing is widely used and highly effective. Instead of aggressively promoting your company, products or brands, you address users with editorial content in content marketing. Current market information, studies, industry reports or checklists are usually more exciting for users than product news and press releases.

If you become an important source of specialized information, your users will also take notice of your promotional news and direct their attention to your products.

However, always remember: the content you communicate is intended for your users, not for you. So always keep an eye on what your users are interested in and what represents real added value for them. Good content marketing primarily serves the needs of users and only then your own sales plans.

Identify challenges

For each piece of content you create, ask yourself what are the current challenges a typical user from your target group is facing and how your content can help them overcome these challenges. As part of the briefing, formulate first-person statements from the user’s perspective before creating the content. What did the user gain from consuming the content? Such statements usually start with “I now know that …” or “I now know what I need to do to …”.

Offer short and informative content

Email marketing is the perfect channel to promote your content, keep suggesting new content to users, and engage them in a promotional/sales dialogue at the right time.

However, make sure to keep your emails as short as possible, as well as concise and informative. Especially in business, “time is money”. Many users quickly find it too much of a nuisance to scroll through newsletters at great expense.

Therefore, rather do without full texts and details and instead provide them on your website or in a downloadable document. Short updates are often more effective than elaborately edited newsletters anyway. So save yourself and your users the trouble right away.

9 more tips for B2B email marketing

In our free checklist 10 tips for B2B email marketing we have compiled 10 tips for better email marketing specifically for B2B companies.

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