E-Commerce is booming. During the last years, the developments in the industry have only known one direction: up! And sales growth continues unabated, so that e-commerce sales in Germany in 2017 had an amount up to 48.7 billion euros, which corresponds to 13.22 percent of total retail sales – also the highest value measured so far. In this blog post series we present 12 tips for email marketing in e-commerce. This time: testing and optimization!
Compared to many other forms of marketing, email marketing offers an invaluable advantage: measurability. All actions can be analyzed precisely. This opens up the opportunity to test and optimize all factors that can influence the success of a mailing. Sender, subject, salutation, images, structure, design, scope, style, frequency – everything has an effect on the customer’s perception. In order to find the perfect communication for your target group(s), it means: test, test, test. This applies in particular to the registration process. Try out different registration pages and opt-in emails in order not to lose any customers, especially when generating addresses. Professional email marketing solutions support you in determining the best e-mail variant within a campaign. Among other things, A/B or multivariate tests are used for this purpose.
In A/B or multivariate tests, two (or more) test groups are separated from the target group. The test groups then receive different versions of an email. Following, the resonance and the users’ reactions to individual contents are measured. The version with the best results will be used later. This allows you to successfully optimize your campaigns or newsletters.
However, always keep an eye on the relevant key figures. E-Commerce is about  conversions and sales. A pure optimization according to opening or click rates does not help to improve your results. The objective is to establish a comprehensive controlling system that makes the interrelationships between address generation and purchasing behavior visible. Here, too, established systems for successful customer relationship management can be used.

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