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The greatest recognition value for brands is offered by their logos. Hardly anyone in the world does not know the 3 stripes of Adidas or the shiny silver Mercedes star. This familiarity also creates trust. Use the power of your logos also in email marketing. By means of trustedDialog and/or BIMI (Brand Indicator for Message Identification) you can display your logos already in the inbox of the recipients. We will explain the principle to you.

The long journey from dispatch to the opening of an email

Almost everyone gets a lot of promotional emails, newsletters, and transactional emails these days. Keeping the overview is sometimes not easy. At the same time, it is difficult for the sender to stand out from the mass of emails and attract the attention of the recipient. Brand logos next to the subject line in the inbox can help to give the recipient an easier overview at first glance and filter the relevant emails.

Studies in which emails from the same company were sent partly with and partly without logos have shown that the integration of the logo leads to significantly higher opening rates. 

Furthermore, the integration of your logo offers even more advantages. The process also offers you an additional technical possibility to verify your brand (or you as sender) and thus reduce the risk of being caught by SPAM filters. After all, before an email actually ends up in your recipient’s inbox and is read, it has a long journey ahead of it. This journey starts with you as the sender and leads via your email service provider (ESP) and the mailbox provider (MBP) of your recipient.

To ensure that your message makes all its way to the mailbox as smoothly as possible, there are various procedures that can help you. We would like to briefly introduce the trustedDialog and the BIMI procedure


Various email providers such as GMX,, freenet and T-Online have joined forces for trustedDialog, with the result that this procedure is now being used by over 40 million customers in the D/A/CH region. trustedDialog offers senders the option of having their brand logo displayed in their inbox, which generates more attention, allows them to be identified quickly, and clearly and makes them more trustworthy.

This process also provides reliable virus and SPAM protection through a complex certification process that includes sender authentication and content integrity checks. To this end, emails are provided with an email seal that signals trustworthiness to the recipient.

Source: United Internet

Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI)

The big difference of the BIMI procedure is that it is not an isolated solution of individual companies, but a cooperation of leading international email providers. To this end, the world’s largest email providers (including Google, Microsoft and Verizon) have joined forces to create a cross-sector and open standard that can be implemented and used by all stakeholders. While mailbox providers must also support the standard, more and more providers are doing so.

Technically, BIMI is based on the DMARC authentication protocol, which basically means that the envelope, letterhead and signature have the same sender on them, giving the recipient the assurance that the sender of the email is really the sender he claims to be. Since BIMI is based on the widely used DMARC, SPF and DKIM standards, its implementation is relatively straightforward and requires only a few steps. 

The advantages of using BIMI are therefore that the standard is easy to implement, allowing you to increase the visibility of your brand in the inbox and further protect your reputation, an important currency in online spheres. Besides that, the risk of phishing attacks is minimized by the clear assignment of mails to a sender.


It is a long way that an email has to travel to reach the mailbox of a recipient. Once there, it struggles with other messages for the attention of the recipient. The trustedDialog procedure and the BIMI standard help you to ensure that your mails are delivered and also enable you to attract more attention and trust by incorporating your logos, which leads to higher opening rates.


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