Overcome operational obstacles

90 per cent of marketers agree that an individually tailored customer experience is very important. But just 20 per cent of customers actually feel valued as an individual.

Why is there such a discrepancy between what marketers want to achieve and the reality? Among other things, it’s because of the many operational and technical obstacles marketers face: the growing complexity of the processes, increasing IT challenges in marketing, insufficiently linked data sources and IT systems, and the growing pressure to achieve results, be faster and be more cost-efficient. Marketing engineering, the use of information technology for data- and system-based marketing, is becoming the central success factor for overcoming these hurdles.

We help you master your work despite these challenges, quickly and step by step. We are marketing engineers! To help you achieve your goals, we work with you, use case by use case, to develop the capabilities for digital dialogue marketing at the highest level. We support you with technology, consulting, IT integration and professional services. And in doing so, we rely on our over 15 years’ experience in marketing engineering – experience that we used to develop the multi-award-winning DPCA® method, which helps our customers run data- and system-based marketing for more speed, more focus and more success.

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Success with the artegic DPCA® method

Modern marketing engineering focuses on the four essential action fields: data, processes, communication and analytics, or DPCA.

We use the DPCA® method to analyse which capabilities in the four fields you need for your use cases and help you build these up in a structured way.


Focus on customers and get to know them
  • Establishing a central, customer-centric view of data
  • Target-oriented integration of data silos and ETL
  • Opt-in management


Be efficient enough for demanding communication
  • Reduce cost drivers by opimising processes
  • Marketing automation
  • Content workflows & individualisation


Use opportunities and approach the customer correctly
  • Context-sensitive. realtime dialogue marketing in the customer lifecycle
  • Consistent cross-channel dialogue with e-mail, mobile and social
  • Individualised messages, according to the customers needs


Obtain insights and real KPIs to control activities
  • End-to-End control of success along the chain of effects
  • Optimisation of value-adding activities
  • Benchmarking / scorecards
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Time to market is our strength!

We focus on achieving a quick time to market and on successively building up capabilities. We do not believe in large, monolithic IT projects as solutions. Our aim is to get your company ready for verifiable results in the shortest time possible, in order to improve day on day from that point. Our experience in digitisation projects for large companies and leading marketers and our powerful technology platform are your road to sustainable changes that produce instant results. We have divided our process into four steps that ensure transparency and allow for maximum focus on results:


Check & Kickoff

Where is your company at now? What are the challenges for your marketing and where are the quick wins? We use our potential analysis to identify shared objectives, challenges and opportunities. We create a road map for achieving the objectives. You then decide how you would like to proceed. Interested?

Enable & Transform

Our benchmark: in no time at all, you’re not only ready for a completely new digital approach to dialogue marketing, but you have also already achieved the first quick wins and implemented your central use cases.

Automate & Expand

You already have the first customer-centred, personalised, automated campaigns. You can now unlock the full potential of marketing automation with ELAINE® step by step. You create multilevel, dynamic communication tracks (automation campaigns), continue personalising your communication and optimise your operational processes through automation.

Optimise & Next Level

At this point you are probably already one of the best in your industry when it comes to digital dialogue marketing! We work with you to implement more targeted best-in-class approaches for your business model and help you optimise your results and roll out further applications and markets.

Here’s how we work

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Best-Practise for all Industries and Business Models


  • Reactivate your customers through automated follow-up when baskets are abandoned in the online shop.
  • Personalise your newsletters with tailored product recommendations.
  • Empower your retail partners to do their own digital dialogue marketing.
  • Enrich your transactional messages with cross-selling and upselling offers.
  • Engage in location-based real-time communication at the point of sale.


  • Transform leads into customers through automated lead nurturing.
  • Empower your sales partners to do their own digital dialogue marketing.
  • Promote trade fairs, webinars and other B2B events in a fully automated process.
  • Generate new leads at all touchpoints on a continuous basis.
  • Compile data and communications from sales, marketing, support, etc. centrally.
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  • Automate churn prevention and reactivation measures. See "Case Study: CosmosDirekt"!
  • Be GDPR-compliant as you use sensitive financial and health data yourself.
  • Send automated upselling campaigns for high-price tariffs.
  • Integrate exchange rates and other live data in your communication in real time.
  • Compile data and communications from sales, marketing, support, etc. centrally.


  • Empower your authorised dealers to do their own digital dialogue marketing.
  • Create a seamless customer experience between manufacturer and dealer communication. See "Case Study: BMW Motorrad"!
  • Motivate customers to visit dealer garages through location-based campaigns.
  • Increase new-car sales through personalised lead nurturing using data from car configurators.
  • Send automated reminders for test drives, pickups, inspections, etc.
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  • Gain new subscribers in a targeted way at all relevant touchpoints.
  • Automate churn prevention and reactivation measures.
  • Optimise your communication after customer interactions. See "Case Study: RTL Interactive"!
  • Personalise your messages based on favourite series, topics, authors, etc.
  • Send cross-selling campaigns as a multibrand provider.


  • Meet enterprise/group requirements for technology easily.
  • Run group-wide internal marketing, e.g. for personnel onboarding. See "Case Study: Deutsche Telekom"!
  • Implement multilingual campaigns with particular efficiency.
  • Create and manage your own apps for stakeholders with different roles and rights.
  • Automate workflows specifically for group structures, e.g. approval/feedback processes.
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Agile Marketing Engineering

This report describes how you can use agile marketing engineering to cultivate long-term customer relationships and achieve significantly better results in a resource-efficient way.


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