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Our competence is based on over 15 years of experience in best-practice projects with numerous well-known customers.

Case Study: PAYBACK

In this case study we show how PAYBACK was able to reduce time spent creating marketing campaigns by more than 25 per cent overall by using our content processing solution. We also present the real-time sending of transactional emails at the POS, which PAYBACK implemented with selected retail partners.

Case Study: CosmosDirekt

In this case study, we show how CosmosDirekt was able to achieve open rates of over 40 per cent and click rates of up to 11.8 per cent using an automated reactivation campaign with contextual segmentation. The conversion rate and therefore the proportion of previously lost users with whom additional business was achieved was more than two per cent.

Case Study: RTL

In the launch phase of TV-NOW, RTL focused on interactive, intensive variant optimisation using the artegic ELAINE® marketing automation solution. New customer acquisitions were partially automated, and multivariant tests were developed and conducted. In the launch phase alone, more than 150 communication variants were implemented in multilevel campaigns. The intelligent, multivariant optimisation achieves a result uplift of 575 per cent with open rates of up to 50 per cent.

Case Study: BMW Motorrad

For worldwide sales, BMW Motorrad primarily relies on an indirect sales model through independent dealers.

We show how BMW Motorrad implements a comprehensive and seamless customer experience while ensuring the highest data protection standards against the background of the General data protection regulation.

Case study: BMW CS

BMW Group Central and Southeastern EUROPE (BMW CS) surprises customers: One year after a car purchase BMW drivers receive a personalised and indivualised car handover anniversary email with a coupon for the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. Revenues of the BMW ConnectedDrive Store could be significantly increased by the campaign.
artegic Case Study: BMW CS EN Cover

Case study: BMW JAWA

BMW Group employees can test-drive new vehicles and young used vehicles of the brands BMW and MINI. This is made possible by the specialist department Sales to Employees (JAWA). JAWA regularly offers test drive events so that interested parties can try out different models.
In the case study, we show you how JAWA has been able to realise a consistent customer journey through the automation and digitalisation of processes, while at the same time using human resources more effectively and how easy marketing communication, planning and implementation of customer and sales events with ELAINE can be.

Case study: Detlev Louis

Detlev Louis pursues a consistent customer-centric approach in digital dialog marketing. This case study shows how Detlev Louis improved customer satisfaction through the automated delivery of the right offer at the right time by email marketing and is now able to react to market potential more quickly.
Cover artegic Case Study Detlev Louis

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