Customer demands and marketing competition are continuously growing. In online dialogue marketing, it is important to lead a number of granular communications at different touchpoints and to do this in the most individualised manner possible for each user. This is not an easy task, as the recipient determines the location, time, channel and context and he decides whether the content is relevant or not. In brief, marketing communication with the user is increasingly growing in complexity.


Email Marketing is the most used online marketing tool in German retail. In addition, it also plays a major role as a sales driver in email marketing. One in three retailers now generated a quarter of their online turnover via email marketing, compared to 2010 when it was only 5 %. (Source: Online Dialogue Marketing in Retail) So, how is email marketing doing in German retail? We have compiled 10 interesting facts for you.


Increasing user demands meet with more pressure on efficiency and more touchpoints which need to be taken into consideration. This could sum up the current development of digital marketing. artegic has forecast which important trends will result from this over the next two years and is publishing these compiled trends in a Free Whitepaper Download.


Twitter is considered an essential social media tool in digital marketing. Approximately a quarter of German retailers have their own Twitter profile. A further 19.7 % are planning to use it (source: Online Dialogue Marketing in Retail 2016). However, many companies are not yet aware that Twitter does not only have conceptual but also technical limitations.


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During this year's Berlin Web Week, for the first time  the Digital Business Expo "tools" will take place at the Expo Centre City in Berlin from 07. - 08.05.2014. The topical focus of the event will be technology-supported business applications from Big Data to Marketing Automation. Online CRM technology provider and consultant artegic will be one of the exhibitors. In co-operation with the BVDW (Federal Association of Digital Economy), artegic will demonstrate how the integration of marketing and IT Marketing Engineering leads to successful dialogue marketing through more efficient use of tools.


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