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ELAINE Key Benefits for Media and Permission Marketers

Active subscribers and precise communication with relevant content are the keys to successful online direct marketing in editorials, media companies and permission marketing providers. ELAINE offers a reliable basis for this task.


  • Automated content processing from the website facilitates the creation process of mailings.
  • Automated compilation of newsletters, e.g. timing according to customer request, after each piece of information, daily or weekly.
  • Activity profiling (activity points) enables automated reactivation.

Highly individual communication

  • Topical profiling and individualisation according to subscribers' interests.
  • Marketing of newsletters for advertising based on valid performance figures and active subscribers.
  • Individualised customer management for advertising clients, e.g. via recipients of media data.
  • Comprehensive selection of target groups for mailings.
  • Campaigns for client-specific statistical analysis.
  • Individual control (limitation) of the recipient frequency lowers unsubscribe rates and provides higher activity.

Multi-client ability

  • Scalable multi-client solution for a number of individual activities (portals, lists, users) in one system.
  • Central standalone mailings with list-specific senders and headers as an option, saves time and secures the corresponding display and sender requirements.

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