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Berlin's "be Berlin" brings you the online stories of the capital's people per email into your home, thanks to the ELAINE technology.

On 11 March 2008, Berlin's mayor launched the capital's new campaign "be Berlin". Core element is an online platform for the exchange of stories and anecdotes about Berlin written by Berlin's own residents. In phase one, all Berliners were invited to publish their stories about the capital in the online community. This community was then expanded by email supported communication and newsletter marketing via artegic's ELAINE PX online direct marketing technology.


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The technically appropriate and legally compliant handling of personal data is an important duty, which is of public concern.

In its verdict, the Civil Chamber 23 of the Landgericht (District Court) Berlin prohibited providers of internet content the data retention of IP addresses. IP addresses are regularly collected in web server logfiles and analysed in statistics programs.

In a data privacy and security audit, artegic investigated the collection and storage of personal information in the context of the Ministry's online activities. The results led to a number of actions, which secure the legally compliant handling of such personal data.


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