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KAISER+KRAFT EUROPE, leading mail order specialist for office equipment, is introducing consulting and technology by German eCRM provider artegic. The highly integrated email dialogue marketing platform based on the ELAINE Online Dialogue CRM is being introduced in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland before its expansion into all 37 international affiliates of the KAISER+KRAFT EUROPE brand, as well as the B2B mail order specialists gaerner, gerdmans (Scandinavia) and Kwesto (Eastern Europe), which are part of the TAKKT group.

Core of the retail communication is an international email dialogue marketing platform, through which approximately one million B2B emails with offers of 50,000 products will be sent monthly.


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PC-WARE, one of the leading manufacturer-independent ICT service providers in Europe trusts in German technology provider artegic for its online dialogue marketing. Based on the eCRM solution ELAINE FIVE, all branches of the PC-WARE group in 18 countries are now receiving a central platform for automated and individual email marketing.


// Sector: ITKRetail

Europe’s leading automotive workshop chain Auto-Teile-Unger (A.T.U) looks forward to integrated ECRM provided by artegic. With the help of the ELAINE Online Dialogue Marketing Solution provided by ECRM specialist artegic, A.T.U is fully integrating email marketing in its customer relation management. Main focus is the management of A.T.U loyalty card holders, as well as the distribution and service communication for its online shop. With email-supported campaigns, A.T.U is planning to further expand its ecommerce turnover and effectively support marketing at point of sale.


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ECRM service provider artegic offers an integrated technology solution for community and marketing communication of Web 2.0 platforms.


// Tags: Social Media // Sector: Retail

SCHLECKER - the biggest provider of drugstore products worldwide - is about to send its 12 million monthly emails via the ELAINE platform created by German developer artegic.


// Sector: Retail

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