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Successful customer loyalty is a key in Business to Business (B2B) markets - especially in economically demanding times. In the search for efficient marketing methods for sales and customer retention, online channels continue to gain momentum. Leading these is email marketing with clear advantages such as speed, effectiveness and low costs. And the possibilities of email supported communication are not restricted to the classical newsletter. Customer acquisition and long-term strengthening of individual customer relations are becoming the focus...


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WEB.DE and GMX, the portals of the 1&1 Gruppe, are employing software solutions by ECRM provider artegic for simpler and more efficient handling of CRM campaigns.

The degree of integrability into existing ERM, ERP, Web and marketing systems is one of the core criteria for success. Against this background, the main challenge for artegic consisted in the linking of the different GMX and WEB.DE systems, in particular in view of the enormous amount of data to be moved in the applications.


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Europe’s leading automotive workshop chain Auto-Teile-Unger (A.T.U) looks forward to integrated ECRM provided by artegic. With the help of the ELAINE Online Dialogue Marketing Solution provided by ECRM specialist artegic, A.T.U is fully integrating email marketing in its customer relation management. Main focus is the management of A.T.U loyalty card holders, as well as the distribution and service communication for its online shop. With email-supported campaigns, A.T.U is planning to further expand its ecommerce turnover and effectively support marketing at point of sale.


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Dialogue marketing to build brand communities in FMCG

Fisherman's Friend enjoys a loyal fan base. The younger end of the core target group, 16 years plus, can be reached more and more via online communication. In contrast to campaign-orientated communication, typical in FMCG, Fisherman's Friend continuously builds a strong brand community...


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