Customer demands and marketing competition are continuously growing. In online dialogue marketing, it is important to lead a number of granular communications at different touchpoints and to do this in the most individualised manner possible for each user. This is not an easy task, as the recipient determines the location, time, channel and context and he decides whether the content is relevant or not. In brief, marketing communication with the user is increasingly growing in complexity.


The exploitation of progressive methods for the specific and personal collection and analysis of user behaviour is an indispensable competitive factor in online marketing. However, companies face the challenge of complying with existing and future data privacy restrictions. This means: Obtaining user consent opt-ins for comprehensive data usage. For their trend-setting CRM strategy to obtain, process and develop legal opt-ins based on innovative Privacy Admission Control technology, artegic and UNO Refugee Aid have been awarded the MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014.


artegic AG, provider of technology and consulting for online CRM, receive certification for their company-wide information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001 through TÜV Rheinland. This makes artegic one of the first international providers in the email marketing sector, who has been awarded this international standard for IT security. The


The ability to measure the user behaviour of each individual email marketing subscriber is an important tool for relevant and target-specific communication. Click profiles, for example, help to identify interests and serve these better. In practice, however, companies face a dilemma when it comes to the legally compliant collection and processing of personal response data.

With its current version of the ELAINE FIVE Online Dialog CRM, technology provider artegic is presenting a new solution for legally compliant marketing based on behaviour profiles.


The technically appropriate and legally compliant handling of personal data is an important duty, which is of public concern.

In its verdict, the Civil Chamber 23 of the Landgericht (District Court) Berlin prohibited providers of internet content the data retention of IP addresses. IP addresses are regularly collected in web server logfiles and analysed in statistics programs.

In a data privacy and security audit, artegic investigated the collection and storage of personal information in the context of the Ministry's online activities. The results led to a number of actions, which secure the legally compliant handling of such personal data.


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