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In 2010, digital marketing recorded a disproportionately high growth. However, in the maze of possibilities, it is essential not to loose sight of important targets. Many companies are infected by the general euphoria surrounding social media, without having done their overall homework.

For the year end, we have summed up a preview of what will be really important in online dialogue marketing in 2011...


So-called social media is currently one of the hottest topics for media and trend forecasters. The fact is: according to a study by Nielsen, an increasing number of people worldwide spend more and more time in social networks such as, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Since 2009, the number of users has also increased by more than 30 percent. In its “2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report”, concluded that only email marketing and social media could register a budget increase last year. A lot of commotion widely. But is this justified? What is the new medium really about? Three theses on social media and a roadmap to social media engagement...


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The social media communications of companies and brands are currently still - despite the massive increase in importance - being carried out in a largely isolated manner, and focus on the mere distribution of information. ELAINE FIVE, the new eCRM software suite of the technology provider, artegic, overcomes the stage of isolated applications and places social network marketing in a new context: customer relationships.

The innovative technical and conceptual approach focuses on people and not on the channel. The objectives are the early identification of customer contacts, the targeted conversion into lead generation as well as the comprehensive evaluation of the use of information. Anonymous profiles, which have not yet been personalised, are also recorded for the first time and introduced into an eCRM system. Consequently, the aim is to acquire important data for analysis and individualisation of lead generation as early as possible and, thus, increase the real-time capability and effectiveness of CRM measures in social networks.

Learn how to convert leads from social networks into eCRM processes in a targeted manner with ELAINE FIVE...


100 features more and 100 clicks smarter - premiere of the new eCRM suite

German technology provider artegic AG publishes its newest version of the ELAINE eCRM software suite. ELAINE FIVE presents a new interface, as well as numerous new features developed in collaboration with clients. In addition to further simplified operation, featuring a new input concept, which requires less clicks, the development focused on the optimisation of the core processes.

Above all in the areas of statistical analysis and social media linkage into the CRM, artegic raises the bar again in 2010...


In 2009, the financial crisis and the search for more efficient types of advertising brought a significant boost to online marketing. In 2010, we will see this trend strengthen with a recovering economy.

Read about the role of email marketing and why social networks and mobile target groups will become the big issue...


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