Twitter is considered an essential social media tool in digital marketing. Approximately a quarter of German retailers have their own Twitter profile. A further 19.7 % are planning to use it (source: Online Dialogue Marketing in Retail 2016). However, many companies are not yet aware that Twitter does not only have conceptual but also technical limitations.


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The main focus in marketing communication of retail companies often lies in the promotion of specific offers to generate sales. An important goal here is to achieve the coverage for potential customers. The viral functions of social media helps to quickly spread offers. But to determine the success of social media marketing, this coverage needs to be measurable.


Social media marketing is primarily associated with campaigns of large B2B companies, such as brand manufacturers, business groups and telecommunication providers. However, as proven by artegic's recent study Online Dialogue Marketing in Retail, social media has also become an integral part in B2B small businesses. We will show you why social media marketing is important for B2B and how you can efficiently use the individual channels.


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Social media is the most important channel for the viral distribution of marketing messages. This fact can be positively used by email marketing. Via SWYN buttons, recipients can recommend content in social networks and expand the coverage of the email content to their contacts. However, you need to bear in mind a few things to successfully use SWYN buttons.


Email marketing and social media are elementary components of every online marketing mix. However, email marketing and social media are not only efficient as individual tools, but offer a number of possibilities to mutually complement each other. Part of this is the synchronisation and hierarchisation of the message content. We will show you how to integrate content in both channels.


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