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Checklist Mobile E-Mail Marketing

No technology in the past has been able to record similar growth as mobile communication. By 2010 there will be more than 923 million mobile phone accounts in Europe and worldwide over 2.7 billion. In many European countries, such as Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany, the number of mobile phone accounts alreadz exceeds the number of inhabitants. The mobile phone therefore beats the spread of any other type of information media. The growing number of internet compatible mobile and smart phones, as well as decreasing mobile internet tariffs make email marketing more and more attractive in view of mobile target groups. The purely technical ability of sending emails to mobile end devices is only the precondition - not the uniqueness - of mobile email marketing. In practice, we can clearly distinguish between classical email marketing and the subdiscipline of mobile email marketing. Firstly, because the special usage preferences of mobile recipients must be taken into account, and secondly, because technical restrictions in the display of emails and web contents on mobile end devices complicate the practical execution. Email marketers always need to keep an overview in order to adapt email content and formatting to the requirements of the end devices and their browsers.

We have put together a free checklist for mobile email marketing.

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