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The ability to measure the user behaviour of each individual email marketing subscriber is an important tool for relevant and target-specific communication. Click profiles, for example, help to identify interests and serve these better. In practice, however, companies face a dilemma when it comes to the legally compliant collection and processing of personal response data.

With its current version of the ELAINE FIVE Online Dialog CRM, technology provider artegic is presenting a new solution for legally compliant marketing based on behaviour profiles.


The social media communications of companies and brands are currently still - despite the massive increase in importance - being carried out in a largely isolated manner, and focus on the mere distribution of information. ELAINE FIVE, the new eCRM software suite of the technology provider, artegic, overcomes the stage of isolated applications and places social network marketing in a new context: customer relationships.

The innovative technical and conceptual approach focuses on people and not on the channel. The objectives are the early identification of customer contacts, the targeted conversion into lead generation as well as the comprehensive evaluation of the use of information. Anonymous profiles, which have not yet been personalised, are also recorded for the first time and introduced into an eCRM system. Consequently, the aim is to acquire important data for analysis and individualisation of lead generation as early as possible and, thus, increase the real-time capability and effectiveness of CRM measures in social networks.

Learn how to convert leads from social networks into eCRM processes in a targeted manner with ELAINE FIVE...


ECRM technology provider artegic introduces its latest version of the ECRM software suite ELAINE PXf. In addition to the comprehensive new module for campaign planning, this latest version also stands out with its email follow-up management and its creation and administration system for landing pages. Further, campaigns can now be distributed via social networks and social media channels, such as Twitter.


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