Online communities, such as social networks or forums, e.g. Wer-kennt-wen for artegic customers, usually employ system emails to inform their users about community-internal processes. The community provider must guarantee that the sent system emails will reach the recipient. In order to track the delivery of system emails, there are three important performance figures.


Dispatching an email does not guarantee reception. When an email has been sent but not delivered, we speak of a "bounce". The goal of email marketing is to keep the bounce rate (proportion of bounces in the number of targeted email addresses) as low as possible. However, bounces can have many reasons, which each require a different course of actions.


Email marketing is a simple and efficient way of communicating with a multitude of recipients. However, the sending of emails does not automatically mean they also arrive. Before an email appears in the inbox of a recipient, it must negotiate certain hurdles. Particularly, the increased measures to protect from spam, often filter out desired emails a problem for serious email marketing. However, the solution of this issue is not alchemy. Marketers can improve the delivery of emails if they know the tasks and pay attention to the technical rules.


Organisers of webinars, conferences and other B2B events are faced with a number of tasks: They must find prospective customers for the event, generate registrations, take care that the registered users actually attend the event, and potentially contact the participants again subsequently to the event. We will show you how to cover the entire communication via email marketing, from the first invitation to the follow-up.


The mobile internet is now a reality. The use of mobile data services via mobile phones has seen a massive increase in the last few years. A trend for which many companies, who use email marketing, seem insufficiently prepared.

Display handicaps, as well as special user preferences of mobile recipients are a challenge, which email marketers need to deal with, if they do not wish to alienate this important target group.

A free checklist recently published by ECRM technology provider artegic offers support. It explains the key aspects to take into consideration when starting your mobile email marketing.



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