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ELAINE is live customer relationship management! ELAINE expands your customer relations management into online channels, making it real-time and automated and improving your understanding of customer relations through analytical methods and profiling.

As a leading German standard software in email marketing automation, ELAINE supports you in all tasks of digital dialogue marketing. ELAINE was designed for successful CRM processes and excels through its high integration ability into existing CRM, ERP and CMS infrastructures, as well as its high adaptability for application-specific business processes.

Its multi-client system enables a number of decentralised applications, thanks to a technically centralised administration, e.g. in internationalised or cross-sector business marketing, as well as its use with service providers.

ELAINE is an enterprise standard software available as ASP solution as well as software licence. ASP operation takes place in certified IT centres according to the highest standards of data protection and data privacy (ISO/IEC 27001) as well as international whitelisting sending via the artegic DELIVERY NETWORK.

ELAINE Email Marketing

ELAINE is a leading email marketing solution and complies with all requirements on a professional online dialogue marketing System.

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The mobile internet is growing and direct marketing on mobile phones and handheld computers means more than SMS. ELAINE builds bridges between different terminal devices.

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Elaine Social Media Marketing

With its innovative technology, ELAINE opens up Social Networks for your marketing.

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Elaine Technology Features

ELAINE combines innovative abilities with a comprehensive service range.

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ASP Data Centre

With the ELAINE application service (ASP), you will receive the ELAINE Online Direct Marketing Technology plus many additional services as a ready-to-use solution. Installation, technical operation, maintenance and sending of email, RSS and SMS will be taken care of by artegic, allowing you to focus on the running of your marketing campaigns.

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Download & Whitepaper

All handouts, studies, checklists and technical information on ELAINE.

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Request your demo access and experience the ELAINE Online Dialogue CRM for yourself.

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