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Your current IT system landscape is not ready for customer-centric marketing and rapid success? With ELAINE® it will be. Because ELAINE® enables you to create a better, more individual customer experience with your existing processes and systems.
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ELAINE® is the best European marketing suite for customer-centred marketing (iBusiness 2016).

higher return-on-investment through intelligent marketing automation (Source: Certona).

emails, mobile and social media messages monthly via artegic's ELAINE® technology.

of German internet users are in contact with companies via artegic's technology.

from trigger to real-time dispatch of a message.

„Due to our highly individual marketing, we have a very complex environment. artegic offers us the necessary technical solution to successfully and efficiently map the communication process up to real-time personalised communication. With ELAINE, we have found the right technological platform for our demanding tasks. artegic also supports us in consistently mastering new requirements and innovative approaches.“

Mark Brauch

Director Directmarketing + Reach, PAYBACK GmbH, Part of the American Express Group
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ELAINE Features


Gain detailed knowledge of your customers. Capture all reactions along the customer journey, to e-mails, mobile messages and landing pages. Using thematic tags and automated scorings, ELAINE® collects all information about your customers in a central profile. Use this data for a better understanding and for communication at best-in-class level: highly individualized at each touchpoint in the lifecycle of the individual customer.


Use customer knowledge from tracking, completely compliant with GDPR! With ELAINE® you can manage different approvals in a differentiated way and use them in a legally compliant way. With the award-winning ELAINE® Privacy Admission Control, you can assign each customer the accepted degree and scope of tracking methods. This guarantees that you only carry out tracking methods for each customer on the basis of their individual consent.


Tap the full potential of your existing data as efficiently as possible. ELAINE® focuses on a smart data approach that enables you to implement customer-centric use cases with just a few data points. Achieve success from the very first shipment and expand your database successively with each use case.


Respond within seconds with appropriate communication measures to events your costumer experiences in the customer journey. Offer your customers always the latest content and personalizations, even updated live at the moment of opening a message. Eliminate outdated data and selections from the past. ELAINE® stands for real-time marketing, i.e. for the right message in the moment and context of the customer.


The simple user interface of ELAINE® allows you and your employees to perform even complex tasks quickly and intuitively. In the powerful ELAINE® Message Editor, you can create personalized e-mails, SMS, App Push Notifications and other messages with just a few mouse clicks. Model even complex marketing automation campaigns simply by drag&drop with the ingenious ELAINE® CampaignDesigner. Select specific target groups by linking a variety of conditions in a clear tree diagram.


Enable employees or partners without marketing and/or ELAINE® knowledge to independently implement tasks in ELAINE® via a simplified interface. Use the ELAINE® eXtended Application Framework (XAF) to create individual ELAINE® Apps for specific applications: for example, extremely simplified processing of e-mails, release of campaigns without logging into ELAINE® or provision of an individual newsletter app for partners in indirect sales.


Save time with the ELAINE® CampaignSheets® by automatically creating messages from Excel. Capture the content of complete messages centrally in standardized Excel briefings and thus avoid unnecessary copy & paste effort between different content sources. With the ELAINE® CampaignSheets® you enable even employees without ELAINE® and/or HTML knowledge to create modular messages with images, texts and links from Excel with just a few clicks.


Integrate ELAINE® easily and seamlessly into your existing system landscapes and processes, without tedious IT projects. Realize a significantly faster time-to-market when commissioning ELAINE® and implementing your use cases. The ELAINE® APIs and the ELAINE® SIEIS Data Connector enable uncomplicated data exchange with CRM, CMS, campaign management, shop, ERP, analytics and other systems regularly or in real time.


Reach your customers wherever they are: in the right channel, with the right content and at the right time. With ELAINE® you can see which channels, in which usage context and with which customer the best results are achieved. Send e-mails, SMS, app push notifications or mobile messages, e.g. in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, directly or automatically with ELAINE®.


With the ELAINE® shipping time optimization, you can achieve up-lifts of over 30 percent in the opening rate. Deliver your messages in the preferred channel (e.g. e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp) at the perfect time. Using a specially developed algorithm, ELAINE® determines the opening time at which the customer is most likely to read the message.


Create an individual customer experience by personalizing e-mails, SMS and other messages. With ELAINE® you can customize subject lines, images, texts, call-to-action elements or dispatch times for segments or even for individual customers. ELAINE® enables extensive personalization and individualization with all data, including live data at the moment of opening.


Customize the content of emails and other messages to the current context of your customers dynamically and live. Use important context data such as location, time, weather, interactions at the point of sale, currently used websites or viewed products in the online shop to address your customers. Use triggers such as weather conditions or entering a shop to react in real time to specific customer needs.


With ELAINE® you can create reportings on all aspects of your digital dialogue marketing efficiently. All statistics and analytical functions regarding automation campaignsm messages, CRM data and statistical data can be found in one central area.


The ELAINE® AI Optimizer independently creates segments and determines the best message variants for these segments - in real time and while the campaign is running. Contents are dynamically adapted to the latest test results during the course of the campaign, so that your customer receives more suitable contents one hour after sending the message, as if he had already opened the same message after a few minutes.


Measure all relevant KPIs at every step along the impact chain. Recognize interrelationships and analyze the right opportunities for efficient optimization of results simply and transparently. Use ELAINE® to visualize your campaign success in a variety of different statistical views.


Use data from your CRM, your data warehouse, your web tracking, your analytics tool, your recommendation engine and other data-providing third-party systems with little effort in ELAINE®. Integrate ELAINE® into existing applications with bidirectional exchange of profile data, analytical data and context data.


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