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How well do you know your customers? With digital CRM, you can continuously collect customer data at all relevant (digital) touchpoints and process this automatically for communications in digital dialogue marketing. The challenge is to respond to events with communication as quickly as possible and without any delays and, at the same time, maintain an overview of the customer data pool.

With ELAINE® you have a powerful digital CRM data platform for your digital channels at your disposal. Use ELAINE® as a central database for your digital dialogue marketing. Thanks to the extensive, user-friendly interfaces, ELAINE® integrates seamlessly into your existing CRM and data infrastructure. Real-time synchronisation processes guarantee that data pools are consistently up to date.

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Digital CRM facts


ROI achieved on average by correctly implemented CRM systems (Forrester Consulting)

higher conversion rates can be achieved in sales using CRM software (Cloudswave)

of companies using CRM were able to improve their customer relations (Super Office)

lower costs can be achieved in customer service thanks to CRM (Microsoft)

Checklist: 21 tips for more and better data

How do you get important user data besides their email address, such as their telephone number or a broad opt-in for person-specific measurement of responses? How do you ensure that the user is also providing their correct data? How to you separate the real users from the spambots?

In this checklist, we show you how you can increase the scope and quality of the data you receive.

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The digital CRM capabilities of ELAINE®

Application cases for digital CRM with ELAINE®

  • Track all of your customers’ responses in digital dialogue marketing and create extensive customer profiles with any number of data fields per customer.
  • Use the ELAINE® API to compile customer data even from third-party systems (e.g. online shop, web tracking or location-based app) in a central customer profile in ELAINE®.
  • Profile your customers in a fully GDPR-compliant way with award-winning privacy admission control technology from ELAINE®.
  • Use all existing data for selection as a trigger in the automated control of campaigns, right up to one-to-one personalisation of your marketing measures.
  • Keep your customer profiles up-to-date at all times when synchronising new or changed data in real time.
  • Transform leads into customers through lead nurturing with personalised content, adapted to the current decision-making status.
  • Visualise the relationship with every single customer using extensive customer and sales funnel statistics.
  • Reduce your sales team’s workload with automated scoring and routing of leads based on criteria defined by you.
  • Increase your efficiency through centralised management of all customers in one ELAINE® area.
  • Implement automated measures for profile completion in order to enrich your customer profiles successively with further data.

ELAINE® selections

ELAINE® offers comprehensive selection options for creating target groups and filters for your communications. Use all existing data (e.g. response data, scoring data, age of address, group membership or received messages) to create complex selections in an intuitive drag and drop editor.
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