Email marketing with Elaine®

You can achieve your objectives especially cost-effectively with email marketing. But why are many companies still not exploiting the full potential of email?

Because good email marketing seems complicated and overly technical? It’s high time for a solution that combines super easy handling with the full spectrum of email marketing capabilities.

ELAINE® enables you to do truly customer-centred email marketing: from simple campaigns to highly personalised and automated communication at the right moment and in the right context. ELAINE® combines powerful capabilities with extremely user-friendly operation and automated workflows. Redefine your approach to email marketing!

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Email marketing facts


emails will be sent every day worldwide by 2022 (The Radicati Group)

emails and mobile and social media messages monthly via artegic ELAINE technology (artegic)

of the German population uses emails (Eurostat)

average ROI per euro invested in email marketing (DMA)

Case Study: RTL

In the launch phase of TV-NOW, RTL focused on interactive, intensive variant optimisation using the artegic ELAINE® marketing automation solution.

New customer acquisitions were partially automated, and multivariant tests were developed and conducted. In the launch phase alone, more than 150 communication variants were implemented in multilevel campaigns.

The intelligent, multivariant optimisation achieves a result uplift of 575 per cent with open rates of up to 50 per cent.


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  • Send your emails with just a few clicks every time, and control the timing or optimise the timing for every single customer so they receive the emails at the time they are most likely to open them.
  • Start automated email dispatches with any triggers desired, such as dates, purchases, customer interactions, life cycle status or locations.
  • Personalise all elements of an email for every single customer, e.g. the subject line, header graphics, salutation or offers. Even in real time using live data!
  • Optimise your email marketing through different test procedures, such as A/B tests, sampling tests and multivariant tests.
  • Record all relevant KPIs for analysing your email campaigns, e.g. delivery rates, open rates, click rates, conversion rates, devices used or post-click behaviour.
  • Ensure your emails are delivered with comprehensive whitelisting and a well-performing dispatch infrastructure.


  • Increase your sales through personalised offers that are precisely tailored to your customers’ needs.
  • Engage your customers with automated loyalty and discount campaigns, such as sending coupons to premium customers.
  • Reactivate inactive customers through the automated sending of reminder emails after defined time frames.
  • Increase the perception of your service by sending high-quality, designed transactional emails with relevant service information.
  • Give your customers up-to-date information at all times thanks to real-time adaptation of content at the time they open the email.
  • Use ELAINE® for internal communications as well, such as for employee newsletters or automated onboarding of new employees.
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ELAINE® Message Editor

With the ELAINE® Message Editor, you create and edit emails and other messages such as SMS text messages directly in the layout using the drag and drop function.

All changes are applied instantly and can be checked directly in the target design. Link the content of your emails to conditions directly in the editor, so that certain content is only shown to selected customer segments, for example.

ELAINE® transactional messages

Use transactional messages in ELAINE® for your marketing, enriched with customer-specific marketing elements, service information and dynamic content, e.g. cross-selling and upselling offers.

ELAINE® also takes care of sending transactional messages from your shop back end, personalised and perfectly designed. By sending your transactional emails through the artegic dispatch network, they are also delivered safely and efficiently, with certified whitelisting.

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Dynamic content with ELAINE®

With ELAINE® you create your emails with dynamic content that is populated in real time with personalised offers only at the time the emails are opened.

Adapt content live to the use context and the most up-to-date data, e.g. to the device used, the weather, the availability of products or the customer’s most recent loyalty points accrual information.

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