Respond to a wide range of communication triggers at a second’s notice

The needs and interests of customers change in just a few moments. Is your customer currently on the move with their smartphone, shopping on the high street? Or are they at home on the sofa, surfing the Internet on their tablet? Relevant communication adapts to the current use context and behaviour of a customer. But if you want to seize the right ‘micromoment’, you have to act fast.

ELAINE® is real-time marketing. Respond to a wide range of communication triggers at a second’s notice. ELAINE® is even able to identify and use data that only becomes known right at the moment a communication trigger is initiated or is derived from that particular context. Don’t settle for unsatisfying, inadequate personalisation based on historical data pools and one-size-fits-all campaigns.

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Real-time marketing automation facts


of marketers see increased customer satisfaction when they use real-time marketing (marketingcharts)

of marketers consider real-time personalisation of emails to be extremely important (PrintMix)

of marketers see improved customer retention when they use real-time marketing (marketingcharts)

of marketers found location-based data useful for better understanding their customers (2018 Location-Based Marketing Report)

Case study: PAYBACK

In this case study we show how PAYBACK was able to reduce time spent creating marketing campaigns by more than 25 per cent overall by using our content processing solution. We also present the real-time sending of transactional emails at the POS, which PAYBACK implemented with selected retail partners.

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The real-time marketing capabilities of ELAINE®

  • Use the ELAINE® Campaign Designer to define the response to every important moment in the customer journey and link all moments to any real-time triggers desired.
  • Run processes like processing data or automatically controlling communications in seconds and even milliseconds.
  • Detect and use real-time data from the use context as a trigger or to personalise your communication.
  • Track movement profiles, online use and other live data, fully in compliance with the law.
  • Integrate dynamic live content in your emails, which is only loaded at the time the emails are opened, to guarantee that information is up-to-date.
  • Integrate live data from location-based apps, geofencing technologies, beacons, online shop systems, checkout systems, weather databases, live feed and other sources for personalisation or as an event data stream for controlling real-time automations.

Application cases for real-time marketing with ELAINE®

  • Motivate customers to visit your branches, e.g. by sending time-limited coupons when the customer is near the branch.
  • Improve the perception of your service with location-specific content in your messages, e.g. the opening hours of the nearest branch to the customer or the contact details for your sales partner in the vicinity.
  • Create purchasing pressure by displaying up-to-date stock levels of products in your newsletter offers.
  • Maximise your sales by adapting prices in real time to the customer’s current willingness to buy at the time of opening the email.
  • Increase the appeal of your offers by integrating the latest customer ratings, product reviews or social media comments.
  • Send transactional messages for offline purchases within seconds, e.g. digital receipts from the till system or up-to-date loyalty points accrual data.

ELAINE® real-time marketing automation

Use ELAINE® real-time marketing automation to run campaigns that adapt in real time to customer behaviour, different contexts and triggers. For example send transactional messages within seconds after the customer used a loyalty card at the point of sale (see graphic).
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ELAINE® real-time data processing

Use the real-time data processing (RDP) extension in ELAINE® to define attributes for real-time adaptation of your communications with ease. ELAINE® RDP enables you to undertake complex personalisation using data historical and otherwise (even from external data sources) at the time a message is opened, as well as facilitating the high-performance (parallel) calculation of specific attributes like loyalty points at the POS, discounts, etc. in real time.

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