Your new marketing starts today without a big IT project!

Your IT systems are not ready for customer-centric dialogue marketing and quick success? With ELAINE they are. Because with ELAINE you can quickly create the better, more individual customer experience your customers want. Without having to change your system landscape. Use Case for Use Case. As Software-as-a-Service. ELAINE is your tool for agile marketing engineering with email and mobile.


Use data, events, triggers, workflows and content from your existing system landscape.


Automate marketing interactions, data processing, processes and workflows.


Bring successful use cases to your customers and to different users in your organization.


  • No lengthy IT project in your existing system landscape: simply connect with over 1,400 connectors.
  • Faster time-to-market and immediately visible results! Use Case for Use Case.
  • Your digital dialogue marketing: personalized, automated, real-time capable. Now!
  • The tool of leading digital marketers for over 15 years! This is how Enterprise Marketing Software today works.
  • Realize ingenious marketing and excellent customer experience. Tailor-made for your company – not off the peg.
  • GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 / ISO 270018 certified.


Integrate ELAINE seamlessly into your existing system landscape!

Use data, events, triggers, workflows and content from other systems in real-time for marketing use cases in ELAINE.


Reduce complexity by automating operative work steps!

Automate processes, message creation, content editing, data streams, workflows and any number of demanding campaign processes. Enable your marketing team to create truly customer-centric use cases.

Screenshot Marketing Automation
artegic Workbench für Use Cases Deliver


Bring successful use cases to your customers and to your entire organization: across departments, across divisions, across countries and across partners. It’ easy with ELAINE Enterprise functionalities and business apps!

Transactional Messages

Send transactional messages customised with marketing elements, service information and dynamic content, f.e. cross- and upselling offers.

ELAINE can also receive, process and send transactional messages from your shop backend, individualised, with perfect design and guaranteed delivery.

BMW Transactional Mail Screenshot
Einfache Bedienung in ELAINE

High End Email Marketing

Do it like the best digital marketers! Individualize your marketing emails: precisely to the person,  automated and real-time capable.

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