more transactions

are generated by individualized emails compared to non-individualized emails.

time saved

in email creation can be realized through efficient content processing.


can be achieved through intelligent testing of email marketing campaigns.

more product reviews

are attainable by integrating interactive elements into emails.

Successful use cases

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High end email marketing with ELAINE

Leading email marketers rely on ELAINE for high-end email marketing: highly individualized, automated, real-time, 100% GDPR-compliant and easy to integrate with your existing system landscape.

Individualized emails for every single customer, just like PAYBACK! Customer retention with CRM, order and tracking data in transactional emails, just like REWE! Triple-digit result uplifts through multivariate testing, just like RTL!

High end email marketing features

Einfache Bedienung in ELAINE

Easily set up emails with ELAINE

With the ELAINE Message Editor, you enable your team to create high-quality, individualized emails, templates and other messages (e.g. SMS) very easily and directly in the final design (What-You-See-Is-What-Yout-Get).

Integrate dynamic content such as individual data fields, conditions for feature-dependent playout of articles, content feeds from third-party systems or interactive elements, all with just a few mouse clicks.

With ELAINE Ultra Responsive Email, you can automatically adapt your emails to the devices your customers use, including fully customized content for individual devices (e.g. link in Play Store only for Android users).

Interactive mails with ELAINE

Easily integrate interactive elements into your emails. Using widgets in ELAINE, you can integrate several different interactive components, such as a micro store, into your emails and edit them in the ELAINE Message Editor.

artegic ELAINE interactive E-Mails

Highest compliance standards with ELAINE

We are committed to the highest standards of data protection and data security. With ELAINE, you track your customers’ response data 100% GDPR-compliant.

The award-winning ELAINE Privacy Admission Control function allows you to control individual tracking options depending on each customer’s data usage declaration.

Privacy by Default is a key guiding principle of ELAINE to make legally compliant email marketing as easy as possible for you. ELAINE is also suitable for processing highly sensitive data, such as from the insurance, banking or healthcare sectors.

We are certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and the criteria of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and bear the “Software Hosted in Germany” seal for our hosting of data and technology in Germany.

SAS Salesforce Mircorsoft Dynamics SAP

Maximum integration capability with ELAINE

Use ELAINE as high-end email marketing software within your existing system landscape, e.g. for your campaign management, CDP or CRM.

ELAINE integrates with your systems via flexible APIs and more than 1,400 standard connectors. Use data and content from Salesforce, SAP, SAS, MS Dynamics and other systems to manage your high-end email marketing campaigns in ELAINE.

Transactional emails with ELAINE

Send transactional emails individually enriched with marketing elements, service information and dynamic content, e.g. cross- and upsell offers.

ELAINE also handles the dispatch of transactional emails from your store backend, individualized and with perfect design. With dispatch via the artegic dispatch network, your transactional emails are also delivered with high performance and security, with certified whitelisting.

BMW Transactional Mail Screenshot
ELAINE Marketing Automation Campaign Designer

Marketing automation with ELAINE

Automate your email marketing communication with ELAINE. ELAINE enables you to implement single or even multi-level campaigns with different events, complex logics and individualized communication routes as easily and efficiently as sending a newsletter.

Use ELAINE for example for reactivation campaigns, welcome sections, cross- and upselling, lead nurturing, shopping cart follow-up, appointment reminders or after-sales campaigns. React in real-time to events from other systems, e.g. your online store, your event management or customer experience system.

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