Email dialogue marketing as a competitive advantage – swapping community Hitflip and online shop Hitmeister start using ELAINE

ECRM ser­vice pro­vi­der artegic offers an inte­gra­ted tech­no­lo­gy solu­ti­on for com­mu­ni­ty and mar­ke­ting com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on of Web 2.0 plat­forms.

The inter­net tra­ding com­mu­ni­ty Hit­flip and its sis­ter plat­form Hit­meis­ter ( are amongst the most suc­cess­ful Web 2.0 start-ups of the past few years.

Hit­flip is Europe’s big­gest P2P swap­ping plat­form for DVDs, games, CDs, audio books and books with over 275,000 active mem­bers in Ger­ma­ny, Aus­tria and the UK. After ebay and Ama­zon, Hit­meis­ter has beco­me the third lar­gest online mar­ket­place for media pro­duc­ts.

“Our aim is to fur­ther redu­ce the gap bet­ween us and the mar­ket lea­ders and even catch them up”, says Jan Mic­zai­ka, foun­der and direc­tor of Hit­meis­ter. “Effec­tive online dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting is essen­ti­al for us. Howe­ver, opti­mal custo­mer com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and effec­tive cross and up-sel­ling only work with sophisti­ca­ted custo­mer ana­ly­tics and pro­filing. Here, ELAI­NE seems to be the mea­su­re of all things”, con­ti­nues Mic­zai­ka.

For the expan­si­on and opti­mi­sa­ti­on of its mem­ber mar­ke­ting, Hit­flip and Hit­meis­ter will soon be employ­ing the ELAI­NE online direct mar­ke­ting tech­no­lo­gy of Ger­man online CRM pro­vi­der artegic.

“The usa­bi­li­ty in the Office look & feel and the tech­no­lo­gi­cal matu­ri­ty of artegic’s solu­ti­on con­vin­ced us. Last but not least, the com­pre­hen­si­ve inter­faces for lin­king our com­mu­ni­ty sys­tems are a vital cri­te­ri­um for us”, sums up Mic­zai­ka.

The sen­ding of around 1.5 mil­li­on emails per month takes place via artegic’s cer­ti­fied ELAI­NE SaaS plat­form.