The email marketing & marketing automation software provider artegic analyzed the latest email marketing design and content trends in grocery retail in cooperation with the CRM- and email marketing agency saphiron GmbH in a study.

Email marketers in grocery retail should know about the current trends in their own discipline. What are the design elements and the content their competitors count on? What measures are currently performing with customers? To be able to answer these questions, artegic AG and saphirom GmbH analyzed the newsletters and standalones of big retailers in Europe and the USA, for example Walmart, REWE, Edeka, Albert Heijn and Tesco.

The following trends were identified:

  1. Colored surfaces & bright colors: Many grocers rely on big colored surfaces when it comes to their design. This type of design is very attention-getting and attracts the eye of the customers.
  2. Tile designs & whitespace: Whitespace and generously free standing products are also an email design trend in grocery retail. Also very popular are cards or tile designs.
  3. Focus on weekly offers: Most newsletters from grocers focus on advertisement for their current weekly offers. Storytelling is used very modest.
  4. Replacement of digital brochures: The email is slowly replacing digital brochures. Instead of placing a link on a digital brochure, offers are integrated directly in the email.
  5. Loyalty programs: Loyalty programs and additional services (app, payment) are being noticeably promoted.

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You can download the full study with mailing-examples: