Flexible Campaign Planning and Social Media Publishing with the New ELAINE Technology

ECRM technology provider artegic introduces its latest version of the ECRM software suite ELAINE PXf. In addition to the comprehensive new module for campaign planning, this latest version also stands out with its email follow-up management and its creation and administration system for landing pages. Further, campaigns can now be distributed via social networks and social media channels, such as Twitter. artegic’s ELAINE suite supports companies in all tasks of digital direct marketing. The simple feature sets include the creation, address management, sending and analysis of professional email, RSS and SMS mailings.

NEW: Perfect campaign planning

One of the core impro­ve­ments of ELAI­NE expands its exis­ting cam­pai­gn plan­ning manage­ment. The modu­le is pri­ma­ri­ly aimed at mar­ke­ters. For indi­vi­du­al cam­pai­gns, you can now plan and reser­ve address selec­tions in advan­ce. This ser­ves to accom­mo­da­te the mar­ke­ting of stand alo­ne cam­pai­gns with a defi­ned con­trol of fre­quen­cy and capa­ci­ty. In addi­ti­on to the com­mon pro­fi­le details (e.g. age, gen­der, inte­rests), it is now pos­si­ble in the selec­tion pro­cess to set prio­ri­ties among the address lists and the­re­fo­re incor­po­ra­te list pre­fe­ren­ces and occup­an­ci­es in the plan­ning pro­cess. A clear calen­dar shows which lists are occu­pied when and how. And a con­fi­gura­ble fre­quen­cy manage­ment pre­vents exces­si­ve tar­ge­ting of the same con­tac­ts.

NEW: Integration and creation of landing pages

As an opti­mal addi­ti­on to email and RSS cam­pai­gns, the new ELAI­NE ver­si­on offers the pos­si­bi­li­ty to direc­t­ly mana­ge lan­ding pages. Exis­ting lan­ding pages can be impor­ted and new lan­ding pages based on tem­pla­tes can be crea­ted direc­t­ly in the ELAI­NE WYSI­WYG edi­tor. In view of the wide ran­ge of mobi­le end devices, this fea­ture is aimed par­ti­cu­lar­ly at the mobi­le email mar­ke­ting sec­tor.

NEW: Social media marketing without time loss

Soci­al media chan­nels are tur­ning into a more and more inte­res­ting com­po­nent of online direct mar­ke­ting cam­pai­gns. As one of the first soft­ware solu­ti­ons, ELAI­NE now allows you to direc­t­ly inte­gra­te soci­al net­works, such as Face­book or MyS­pace into direct mar­ke­ting. Fle­xi­ble, auto­ma­ted publi­shing of con­tent is now pos­si­ble via exis­ting Twit­ter accounts. For this pur­po­se, any num­ber of indi­vi­du­al publi­shing mecha­nisms can be free­ly defi­ned.

NEW: Marketing automation with multilevel follow-ups

Ano­t­her expan­si­on of the ELAI­NE sys­tem is the new fol­low-up manage­ment. Based on the user per­for­mance and any chan­ges in the user pro­fi­le, actions can now be pre­de­fi­ned and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly trig­ge­red by means of a time­li­ne. The­se actions inclu­de the sen­ding of email or SMS mai­lings, as well as the auto­ma­tic modi­fi­ca­ti­on of user pro­files. This means, you can rea­li­se a mai­ling sequence, which is trig­ge­red accord­ing to a time slot, user respon­se or chan­ges in the pro­fi­le, e.g. custo­mer value or activi­ty index. By means of the fol­low-up manage­ment, auto­ma­ted reac­tiva­ti­on, as well as the deve­lop­ment of custo­mers, for examp­le, in the e-com­mer­ce life cycle beco­mes pos­si­ble. The dif­fe­rent opti­ons can all be free­ly com­bi­ned in the new ELAI­NE ver­si­on.