Home shopping channel QVC customises Email Marketing with ELAINE

Cus­to­mi­sed offers and inte­gra­ted suc­cess mea­su­ring via the ELAI­NE email mar­ke­ting plat­form of Ger­man eCRM ser­vi­ve pro­vi­der artegic AG.

Home shop­ping chan­nel QVC plans to base its email mar­ke­ting on the ELAI­NE Email Mar­ke­ting Sui­te of Ger­man soft­ware pro­du­cer artegic AG. QVC aims to impro­ve mar­ke­ting con­trol­ling, as well as future cus­to­mi­sa­ti­on of its pro­duct ran­ge accord­ing to sub­scri­bers’ inte­rest pro­files.

In addi­ti­on to dai­ly offers, wee­kly news­let­ters will be cus­to­mi­sed to meet the requi­re­ments of pro­s­pec­tive buy­ers and exis­ting custo­mers. Offers from 18,000 pro­duc­ts from jewel­lery, fashion, home, gar­den, leisu­re, elec­tro­nics and beau­ty ran­ges will be com­pi­led indi­vi­dual­ly.

Suc­cess mea­su­rement will be car­ri­ed out via an inter­face bet­ween the email mar­ke­ting and the ana­ly­sis of key data from the online shops.

Appro­xi­mate­ly two mil­li­on emails will be sent per month via artegic’s ECO-cer­ti­fied ELAI­NE plat­form.

QVC is Europe’s lar­gest TV shop­ping chan­nel. QVC offers more than 18,000 pro­duc­ts in the ran­ges of jewel­lery, fashion, home, gar­den, leisu­re, elec­tro­nics and beau­ty via TV and its online shop QVC.de QVC stands for Qua­li­ty, Value and Con­ve­ni­en­ce.