ING Deutschland relies on solutions from the digital CRM consulting and technology provider artegic AG in digital dialogue marketing.

At the heart of ING Deutschland’s coope­ra­ti­on with tech­no­lo­gy pro­vi­der artegic is the con­sis­tent fur­ther deve­lop­ment of custo­mer-centric com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on in digi­tal chan­nels. In the future, custo­mer com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on in the e-mail sec­tor will be orga­nis­ed cen­tral­ly using the power­ful artegic ELAI­NE soft­ware tech­no­lo­gy. This will make the bank’s digi­tal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on even fas­ter and more indi­vi­du­al, so that custo­mers can be sup­por­ted proac­tively at the right moment, not just when it comes to spe­ci­fic issu­es.

The com­ple­xi­ty of digi­tal dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting increa­ses with every con­tact point and every trig­ger. To sim­pli­fy pro­ces­ses and redu­ce costs, ING in Ger­ma­ny is con­so­li­da­ting various sys­tems and tech­no­lo­gies into a cen­tral­ly con­trol­led soft­ware solu­ti­on with enor­mous sca­la­bi­li­ty opti­ons. Through seam­less inte­gra­ti­on of artegic ELAI­NE soft­ware tech­no­lo­gy with cen­tral SAS cam­pai­gn plan­ning and the bank’s own sys­tem land­s­cape. Cam­pai­gns can be con­trol­led com­pre­hen­si­ve­ly and hand­led even more effi­ci­ent­ly using the high-capa­ci­ty auto­ma­ti­on pro­ces­ses of the ELAI­NE tech­no­lo­gy.

Increa­sing custo­mer demands in ban­king

“We want to address our custo­mers indi­vi­dual­ly and respond to their per­so­nal needs. With artegic, we have found a tech­no­lo­gy pro­vi­der that meets our requi­re­ments for sustainab­le email com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. artegic con­vin­ced us with its know-how and many years of expe­ri­ence in real-time mar­ke­ting auto­ma­ti­on as well as with its high com­pli­an­ce and enter­pri­se IT stan­dards,” says Mar­co Mül­ler, Exper­ti­se Lead in the Base & Core Ser­vices area at ING Ger­ma­ny.

“A custo­mer-centric custo­mer expe­ri­ence has beco­me a must. In the finan­ce sec­tor, this requi­re­ment is more valid today than ever befo­re. We are delight­ed to be able to sup­port ING in Ger­ma­ny, a com­pa­ny that plays a lea­ding role in this sec­tor,” says Ste­fan von Lie­ven, CEO of artegic AG.