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Customer-centric communication is complex and operationally demanding. Every new channel, every data source and every personalisation refinement just increases the complexity of the job. Marketing teams are usually already running at full capacity just with day-to-day business. Automate basic operational work steps with ELAINE. Marketing automation is the key to stopping the complexity from adding to the workload.

ELAINE enables you and your marketing team to run even complex multilevel cross-channel campaigns with precise personalisation as simply and efficiently as sending a newsletter. Stop wasting your time on a string of unnecessary manual tasks. Clear operational hurdles out of the way and concentrate on the truly important work you have to do.

Marketing automation references

Marketing automation facts

of marketers think time saved is the greatest benefit of marketing automation (Adestra)
increase in sales productivity is possible through marketing automation (Nucleus Research)
of marketers in e-commerce say that marketing automation leads to more sales (Thuiswinkel)
of marketing automation users were able to increase the number of their leads (VB Insight)

Case study: CosmosDirekt

In this case study, we show how CosmosDirekt was able to achieve open rates of over 40 per cent and click rates of up to 11.8 per cent using an automated reactivation campaign with contextual segmentation. The conversion rate and therefore the proportion of previously lost users with whom additional business was achieved was more than two per cent.

The marketing automation capabilities of ELAINE

Application cases for marketing automation with ELAINE

artegic ELAINE campaign designer

ELAINE Campaign Designer

The ELAINE Campaign Designer is the core of ELAINE marketing automation and the central tool for planning, creating and controlling automated communication tracks and process workflows (automation campaigns). In ELAINE Campaign Designer, you or your employees create even the most complex multilevel automation campaigns simply by dragging and dropping elements into a graphical flow chart editor – no extensive technical expertise or even programming knowledge required.

ELAINE data business rules

With ELAINE data business rules, you create easy automations for events in your customer distribution lists (known as ‘recipient groups’). ELAINE data business rules allow any actions to be executed in ELAINE for a customer assigned to the recipient group after an event has occurred, e.g. a welcome email to be sent when a customer is newly added to the group.

ELAINE Data Business Rules

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