Stronger customer retention, high compliance standards and better service experience

The expectations of financial services are rising, especially regarding marketing and service communication in the context of customer relations. Users expect a simple and especially an individualized customer experience. How can you match these expectations?

Agile marketing engineering is the solution: We show you how to optimise your customer experience successively use case after use case and simultaneously gain your customers trust by establishing high compliance standards.


What will you achieve working with us

  • Unlock customer data: Create the requirememts to use your customer data for marketing purposes.
  • Churn prevention: Recognise customers at churn risk and react with automated prevention- and reactivation campaigns.
  • Highlight compliance: Use high compliance standards as a competitive advantage.
  • Get closer to your customers: Enable partners to perform their own digital dialogue marketing with local offers.
  • Increase service quality: Accompany your service-processes, f.e. contract renewals, with high quality email communication.
  • Improve customer retention: Automatically execute personalised cross- and upsell campaigns for new or more expensive services.
  • Establish legal certainty: Implement legal requirements without interference in your marketing processes.
  • Optimise successively: Improve your communication step by step with extensive testing.

Industry report: Digital dialogue marketing for finance companies

Which challenges do finance companies face in digital dialogue marketing? The Industry report: Digital dialogue marketing for finance companies deals with tasks and solutions fpr finance companies in the fields of compliance, data, communication, processes and analytics.

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